New Snack & May Goals

There are a few things I love about starting a new month, and one of them is that my account resets itself. I love having a fresh new budget to break work with.

I’ve said it before, but it’s true: I spend too much money on groceries.

Don’t get me wrong, I know fresh produce and healthy foods often cost a little more, and I absolutely think it’s worth it. The problem is, I waste a lot of food. It goes bad before I can eat it (like the bag of lemons I threw out yesterday) or I eat part of it and then forget about it (like the bag of pretzels buried deep in the back of the pantry, until so stale, they can’t be saved).

I really stink at meal planning, because my schedule is usually pretty random. Plus, it feels weird meal-planning for one. Someone else is usually involved at dinner, but you never know. I’m on the go, I’m bad at packing my lunch, and I often end up at the grocery store every other day, buying more and more things!

So instead of drastically overhauling my spending, I’m going to attempt a few small changes:

-Only buy what I know I will eat within the week

-Avoid going to the grocery store for “just that one thing”

-Buy foods that can EASILY be a packed lunch for work

-Catch up with friends by walking, running, shopping, doing something, rather than just over dinner

And if your goal is to eat more fruits… try these!

Baked Apple Chips

I sliced a fuji apple on a mandoline slicer, spread out on a baking sheet, sprinkled with stevia and cinnamon, and then baked at 250 for about 45 minutes. You have to flip them every 15 minutes or so, so they don’t stick to the pan, and get slightly crispy. These are SO easy, and for some reason, the simple texture change makes all the difference! I’m back to being an apple addict.

Do you have any goals for May?


  1. yaaa I probably spend too much on groceries too. But my hubby eats a lot, so theres really nothing I can do about that lol

  2. I know I spend way too much on groceries — but I am def gonna try those apples – they look so good!

  3. We plan out all our dinners for the week. What really gets me is the top-up shop I do on the weekends sometimes… oh, I’m out of this, I forgot to get that… it’s always about an extra Β£10. I think if I planned better for lunches and snacks and tried to make do with what I have in the cupboard I’d really save some money! But I am a slave to Waitrose on the weekends…

    It looks like you keep a really close eye on your finances. I wish I were that dedicated!

  4. Wasting food irks me so bad! I’m always on a tight budget, so it is absolutely painful to even pour old milk down the drain… (something I did yesterday morning. πŸ™

  5. These are great goals! I really need to be more careful with my food budget! Most of my goals for may have to do with getting back into a routine like praying when I wake up and before going to bed πŸ™‚

    • Sarah, that’s been one of my goals too!! I’ve been trying to do it in the morning (literally setting a timer for quiet time, and not letting myself get distracted!)

  6. I’m guilty of going overboard on groceries too heehee πŸ˜‰ But that program with the finances looks amazing! I’ll have to check that out!

  7. i definitely spend too much money on groceries. what can i say?? it’s a weakness…

  8. Apple crisps, yes please! I’m the same with grocery shopping, I tend to pick up ‘just one thing’ when really, I have quite a lot of food that I know needs using up.

  9. Another thing that may help you is planning meals around your other meals! Like if you have a recipe you need 1/2 an onion for, plan another meal where you use the other half, etc. This works awesome with produce and spices! And saves lots of money!!!

  10. Yum, I love dried fruit! :-J
    My major goal this month is to try a new kind of cookie recipe (one that is not vegan) and veganizing it! I’m thinking something with peanut butter.

  11. I spend WAY too much on groceries too – drives me nuts! I make excuses about Gluten-free foods being more expensive (they are) but that isn’t an excuse for how much I spend and NOT budgeting!

  12. my goal for May is to just keep my head on straight with all the stuff I have going on haha I always spend more than I think I will on groceries, too, but I also agree-it’s worth it to me!

  13. I LOVE that you use your reg. oven for dehydrating those babes – I always feel like I can’t enjoy those treats since I don’t have myself a fancy dehydrator. But those look sooo good, I have to give it a try in our oven!

    We go through ups and downs of grocery expensives. Some months my hubby just looks my way and says something like, “we really went overboard last month – we gotta be careful next time” and then I get so nervous that the next trip to the grocery store I spend just $20 and we end up doing fine! (usually spend about $45 at one store and a bunch at costco that I don’t count) – budgetting is fun since it’s a challenge each time you hit the store. We can do this! And when organic produce is on sale, we can do this even easier! haha πŸ™‚

    The biggest challenge is when the Farmer’s Markets start to open up and I decide that fresh blackberries are worth half of my paycheck. Must embrace what is to come!

    Take care girl!

    • Haha I kind of think it’s a fun challenge too!! I know that sounds a little crazy, but what can I say? I like goals πŸ˜‰

      It takes a little longer in the oven (vs. the dehydrator) but I haven’t made the plunge to purchase a dehydrator yet, so for now, the oven works just fine! πŸ™‚

  14. my friend just gave me a mandolin–and I am so excited to have it! I sliced apples for the kids, who ate them raw–but will bake them these -I bet they will love them!

  15. Yeah…Apples! I’ll have to make those before it’s too warm to have the oven on.
    I used to waste a lot of food but now I stick to my grocery list. That means by Friday I barely have any food in the fridge!

  16. Alright…I’m doing the apple chips! And I know the kids will like them. Only thing is I’ll have to get a mandolin. I’ve been thinking about getting a dehydrator, but this looks like something I can do for sure! So glad I found you here!

  17. Liz I LOVE the idea of these baked apple chips – I need to try them!!!!

  18. hmmm, my goal for may is to get straight As! haha
    i love the looks of those apple chips!


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