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Welcome to I Heart Vegetables! I’m Liz, a vegetarian & certified health coach. I got into blogging back in 2010 when I first moved to Richmond, Virginia and tried out veganism. While I decided veganism wasn’t for me, I fell in love with blogging and recipe development!

I’m a girl who loves her vegetables, plain and simple. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years now, and I love sharing my veggie-favorites here on the blog! I’m a recipe-breaker and a self-described lazy cook. I prefer simple recipes that anyone can make, rather than the complicated, fancy stuff. I want to show people that eating healthy can be easy, fun, and tasty!

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I love working out, partly because I genuinely enjoy the endorphin and partly because I love wine. I’m a gymnast, wanna-be yogi, and I ran my first half marathon in 2012. I love finding the next new fitness class!

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Got questions? Thoughts? Comments? Random stories? E-mail me at iheartveggiesblog@gmail.com