I think it’s officially smoothie bowl season. Even if you haven’t made one at home, you’ve probably seen some gorgeous creations floating around Instagram. I’m excited to share my five favorite smoothie bowl toppings because I’m addicted to these delicious, healthy bowls!

The Best Smoothie Bowl Toppings

Chia Seeds

chia smoothie bowl

Tropical Protein Smoothie Bowl

Chia seeds are packed with healthy fats and fiber! One tablespoon sprinkled on top of your smoothie bowl will give you a boost of 5g of fiber. They’re even a good source of potassium and calcium. If you’re keeping chia seeds on hand, make sure you store them in the fridge so they’ll keep longer!

Sliced Almonds

blueberry smoothie

Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl

I love adding some crunch to my smoothie bowls so almond slices are perfect for this. They’re an extra dose of protein, fiber, and healthy fats! Plus, they’re easy to keep around since they last for a long time. I keep a bag of sliced almonds sealed in the pantry, then I just sprinkle a handful onto my smoothie bowls! If you get them from the bulk bin, you can usually save a few bucks.

Cacao Nibs

smoothie bowl with strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

If you’re craving something chocolate but you don’t want to add extra sugar to your smoothie bowl, these raw cacao nibs are perfect. They’re super crunchy and they’re basically super dark chocolate. I love them in bowls with strawberries for a sort of chocolate covered strawberry kind of taste!

Hemp Hearts

smoothie bowl with toppings

Coconut Mango Smoothie Bowl

I’ve started sprinkling some hemp hearts (hemp hearts are shelled hemp seeds) onto my smoothies because they add a nice texture with a little extra protein. One little tablespoon has over 3g of protein! It doesn’t have a lot of flavor so if you’re hesitant to mix too many flavors in there, hemp hearts are pretty neutral.

Peanut Butter

banana smoothie bowl

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie Bowl

Peanut butter is probably my original favorite smoothie bowl topping. I used to just swirl a spoonful of peanut butter into my banana smoothies and call it a day. My combinations might be a little more creative these days, but I still enjoy that peanut butter and banana combination!

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