Tone It Up- Round 2

Remember that 7 day slim down I did at the beginning of the year? Let me tell you, that’s still the best meal plan I’ve ever tried. I felt energized throughout the week, and even though I missed some of my old favorites, I enjoyed the results. But since then, I’ve been slacking. A little extra wine, a few more snacks, and less planning in general. I think life should be about balance, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But I know how I felt after the slim down, and I want that back! So Brittany (Eating Bird Food), Brittany (Btypes),Β & I are jumping back into another Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down!

Since I’ve done this before I have a better idea of what to expect and how to plan. This is what my cart looked like last time, and what I plan on buying again:

Tone It Up Groceries

The basics: Lots of protein and vegetables. Some fruit. Minimal dairy. No processed food. No sugar.

Nothing complicated, but it definitely helps to have people doing this with me, while I kick my sugar craving, and adjust to a little less wine πŸ˜‰

The plan also recommends a quick morning workout to get your metabolism going. I’ve never been great at morning workouts, but I’m going to give it a shot! This morning, I hit the hotel gym bright and early, and did some free weights and cardio. It definitely feels good to get a workout out of the way early!

While I’m not necessarily planning out all of my meals, I did round up some meals I’ve already made that fit on the plan:

Tone it up recipesClockwise from top left:Β Cauliflower Tabbouleh,Β Vegan Chili,Β Chickpea Salad, &Β Vegetable Frittatas

Obviously, I plan on trying lots of new recipes, too! I love that the Tone It Up plan encourages lots of green veggies. I’m planning on making zucchini, asparagus, and lots of kale!

Β Does anyone have some protein-packed vegetarian recipes to share with me?


  1. You could try making a simple Indian curry with beans – chick peas and black eyed peas are my favorite. I have a simple curry recipe on my recipe page. Let me know if you try it!

  2. I love Tone It Up too! The Slimdown definitely jumpstarted my healthy eating again after I got back from a summer in Russia, the land of full-fat milk products and inescapable mystery meats. I’m planning on doing the slim down in May- after getting my Master’s and before my wedding. Hoping it washes away all the toxicity of grad school and leaves me energized and glowing for the big day!

  3. I think you do all the tricks I do… I use chick peas and black beans in almost anything… lol

  4. Glad you enjoyed it the first time. Perhaps I should look into it myself. I like curries with beans, but I often use crushed tomatoes instead of coconut milk.

  5. I love protein packed foods! I try to get protein in each meal, at least a little bit. I would love to try this 7 day slim down! I love challenges. When does it start?? Am I too late to join?

  6. Sounds like a fantastic plan! A favorite protein packed veggie meal is chili (with load of veggies) with beans and/or tempeh.

  7. Good for you, Liz! Seems like a great way to really clean up the diet but healthy too.

  8. When I had to make the adjustment of changing my diet to accomodate for being diabetic, I had to go through giving up sugar. It was hard at first but after a few weeks I no longer craved the mass amount of sugar I had been having you know? Glad everything is working so well for you!

  9. I love AM workouts! They really help wake you up–plus then you’re done for the day, and don’t have a workout hanging over you. That cart looks fresh & delicious, I think I could probably handle that meal plan too. I love lentil curries for high-protein veggie meals–so easy to sneak lots of veggies and flavor into those!

  10. I love the 7 day slim down! TIU is a great plan. I love making meals with spaghetti squash, it’s a great way to trick yourself that you are eating carbs πŸ˜‰

  11. I’ve done the slim down once and I did like it but personally I don’t think I can do it again. I like DAMY Health’s slimdown! But of course we all have out opinions πŸ™‚ Well I just made some lentil burgers the other day and it had a lot of protein, fiber and iron! It was pretty yummy!

  12. Lentils are a go-to for me…I love simple curried lentil soup (veg broth, diced onion, mushroom, curry powder, cumin, garlic, and lentils + any add-ins you like…squash or potatoes help add bulk to it, I like adding spinach or kale, tomatoes add a nice acidity…) or an even simpler cold lentil salad made with red onion, diced tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and lemon juice/vinegar/EVOO. Soooo good!

  13. That sounds like a great plan! My favorite protein veggie meals are quinoa salads….yum

  14. Happy WIAW! I think your 7 day slim down plan sounds good. Here is a good high protein vegan recipe that my husband and I love “Lemon and Ginger Kale with Sesame Tofu Steak”.

  15. I’m pumped. Everything went great for me on Day 1. Ready for Day 2!!! πŸ™‚

  16. argh no sugar makes me cringe. good for you!!!

  17. I just posted a tempeh curry that is quite yummy. πŸ™‚

    I wish I could do morning workouts, but elementary school just starts so early….

  18. oh green veggies. those are pretty much my nemesis. for some reason I can never seem to get enough in!! which is why I buy my protein powder with added greens. it makes me feel better on the days I get literally ZERO greens in lol

  19. Sometimes I love working out in the morning but sometimes it just drains me! Hope the slim down goes well again!

  20. I’m trying to stay consistent with AM workouts. I’m just so tired by the end of the workday–plus, at 6am, the day is still mine!

  21. I think we are channeling each other lately, lol!! I too have fallen off the wagon lately with the whole concert and such. I need to do full 14 day cleanse but so hard with lack of produce variety. I’ll are to crack up h 7 day plan!!!

  22. I’m surprisingly still going strong with my no sweets (not including wine – wine isn’t a sweet, is it? πŸ™‚ ) for Lent; however, it has made me turn to other snacking alternatives (I.E. Popcorn and pretzel binges!) I agree with you about the moderation – I just need to figure out how to apply it to my life. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your 7 Day Slim Down plan. I am considering doing a cleanse once I officially start work at Whole Foods. A few of the girls in my dept are doing a cleanse (nothing too drastic) and I might jump on the bandwagon – if only for the support!

  23. Back when I wasn’t a night walker, I always preferred to get my workouts done and out of the way in the morning…no time for me to make up excuses and it almost always helped with my energy levels throughout the rest of the day!

    This sounds like a good plan to get back on track with healthy eating (and minimal sugars)…I’ve had my ups and downs over the last month or so with eating too many processed foods and I definitely started to feel a difference. Luckily (?) for me, I completely lost my appetite after my knee surgery which kinda helped to get me back on track! Hey, whatever works, right?

    The sweet potato soup recipe that I posted on Friday has a pretty good protein count…and if you add a bit of nutritional yeast to it (which I did the other day…sooo good!), it adds even more!

  24. I just did a Tone It Up bikini body arms video πŸ™‚ I had no idea I’d like it as much as I did! I’m definitely looking into their programs. I know that I’m a nursing mama but I’ve been eating FAAARRR too much lately (and have been more lenient with what I’m consuming.) I want to take April and reevaluate my fitness/eating plan!


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