I made it! The first 7 days of the Tone It Up meal plan were pretty intense, since I decided to do the 7 Day Slim Down to kick things off. While the diet was pretty strict, I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry, and I had plenty of energy. I did cheat a little here and there (had to have a little wine on Saturday, what can I say…) but overall, I followed the plan pretty closely.

Thinking about trying Tone It Up? Here's what I ate on the 7 Day Slim Down Plan!

So here’s what a typical day looked like on the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down.


My breakfast on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan were often a protein pancake!

Tone it up protein pancake

I tried protein shakes and egg scrambles, but I think my favorite was the protein pancake. It was a little dry, as is to be expected, but not bad. If you want a really good protein pancake, try these. Not exactly the same as the one in the plan, but pretty close, and less dry.

Morning snack

tone it up grapefruit

I typically ate half a grapefruit unless I was eating at my desk, then I’d usually opt for an apple since it was a bit less messy.


Tone it up lunch

This wasn’t too far from my normal lunch, but instead of adding feta to my salad, I added a better source of protein. I tried tempeh, tofu, and black bean burgers. I think my favorite was Twin Oaks tofu, sauteed in liquid aminos, with a little teriyaki sauce. This was eaten with a little fruit.

I was always surprised at how satisfying the lunch was, considering it was fairly low in calories. I guess it was the protein!

Afternoon snack

Think Thin

Typically this was a Think Thin bar. (amazon affiliate link)  I’d never tried these before, but they tasted pretty good for a protein bar. They’re higher in calories (about 240) but pack in 20g of protein, so definitely kept me full! I liked the creamy peanut butter flavor a lot. This was one of the bars that was approved on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.


The goal was to avoid starches after 2pm, so dinners were usually lots of veggies and protein. (Are you noticing a theme here?) Since I didn’t want to be stuck eating at home every night, I had to find some places I could go for dinner, that had healthy options. Ellwood Thompson’s is a definitely favorite.

tone it up dinner

I went there more than once over the course of the 7 day plan, and had lots of greens tofu, and kale salad. Their raw kale salad is one of my favorite things. The tofu salad was interesting. I loved the dill seasoning.

Evening snack

The Tone It Up Nutrition plan didn’t encourage a lot of snacking after dinner, but there were a couple of times when I hadn’t had a chance to eat much dinner, where I’d have some plain greek yogurt or something like that. But overall, I really cut out evening snacking, which was a big change for me. I found that I wasn’t actually hungry. Most of the time, I had been snacking just because I was bored. I often had a mug of tea or something to keep me distracted, but I didn’t actually snack much.

Even though the 7 day slim down is over, I’m still planning on following the regular Tone It Up meal plan for awhile, because I’ve noticed how their meals have been keeping me full and energized throughout the day. The regular plan gives me a little more flexibility, and I’m sure I’ll have meals that aren’t “on the plan” but overall, I think the focus on veggies and protein is exactly what my body has been craving!

So far, this new years resolution is going well!

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If you made any resolutions, how are they going?

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