Gluten Free- What I Ate Wednesday

It wasn’t exactly intentional. But since the nice folks at Udi’s sent me a giant box of gluten free products, I figured, why not see what happens if I avoid gluten for a bit. At the risk of TMI, I’ve been having a few “digestive issues” (bloating, “irregularity”, etc) and it doesn’t seem to be lack of fiber… so for fun I figured why not go gluten free for a few days?

Don’t tell the boyfriend. I don’t think he could deal with another “dietary restriction”

So here is a [mostly] Gluten-Free What I Ate Wednesday!


This is actually Monday’s eats… since Gluten entered my world for Valentine’s Dinner. More on that later.


I had a bowl of Chobani 0% with stevia and blueberries, topped with Udi’s cranberry granola. The granola was good, but since lots of granola is gluten free, it’s not THAT special. I actually don’t really like dried cranberries in my yogurt, because they get really hard, due to the frozen berries. But I can’t really blame the granola for that.

So it gets a B+. It’s good, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy it every single time.

Morning snack

I had a slice of Udi’s millet bread, topped with a bit of Sarah’s nut butter.

This bread surprised me. I’ve had some nasty gluten free bread, but this stuff was good. It had a really hearty texture, which I liked. But if you’re a wonder bread fan, this is not your thing. It’s not as soft as regular bread, but since I normally toast mine, I didn’t care.


I had one of these Trader Joe’s Spring Onion Soups in my cabinet, and since it’s gluten free, it made the perfect packed lunch.

These things are pretty tasty, but it’s a lot of sodium, and not a lot of protein and fiber, so I don’t eat them very often. (and they’re not very pretty to photograph…) I was starving at lunch, so I also munched on an unpictured side salad, which was not very exciting.

Afternoon snack

I packed half an Udi’s cinnamon raisin bagel. I’m sure it would have been better toasted. but I was running from one meeting to the next and I just scarfed it down plain. It really tasted like a regular bagel, so I think it should get a B+, because it didn’t taste gluten free. Again, nothing spectacular, but it was good.


Ok, so I don’t think this box of soup is ACTUALLY gluten free. I’m not sure. But since I’m not actually allergic or anything, and I was craving soup, I figured a little gluten would be fine. I also had broccoli + some hummus from Ellwood Thompson. I have a delicious broccoli recipe I keep meaning to post. Maybe Friday? We shall see.

Have you ever avoided gluten, or are you gluten free? Can gluten cause “digestive” trouble?


  1. Nice job on the GF eats! It’s fun to experiment for a few days even if you don’t have to eat a particular way. I don’t think the soup is GF because of the broth – most broths will say “certified gluten free” on it!

  2. Gluten definitely causes digestive issues – but usually only if you are allergic (celiac disease). My best friend suffered for years with digestive issues and other health issues that were malnutrition at the root but manifested in other ways. She found out recently that she has a gluten allergy and since then has gone GF and felt a great deal of relief from all of her health issues. Hoping for your sake you are not allergic! It’s not a fun allergy.

  3. Yum! I love Udi’s bread, they’re so awesome for mini pb&j sammies 🙂 Lovin your fruit-tastic breakfast too!

  4. Yum that dinner sounds delicious! I used to love onion soup as a kid! Ive never reduced gluten in my eats,MIT doesn’t seem to bother me thankfully 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for the broccoli recipe- I <3 broccoli!!

  6. Delish eats! Happy WIAW 😀

  7. I’ve tried the gluten free bread before- and I think it’s REALLY good compared to what I thought it would be like…

  8. I am actually doing the GF Thing now because of GI troubles. I’ve never tried Udi’s but I like Rudi’s!

  9. going gluten free would be pretty hard for me. Its just literally in EVERYTHING! But I admire the fact that you decided to try it out for a few days to see what the culprit is behind your digestive troubles!

  10. I think going gluten free would be almost as hard as lactose free at the moment :P…. But those eats look pretty yummy, so maybe I’d survive 😛

  11. I keep saying I’m going to find a recipe to make my own onion soup and I haven’t yet. The high sodium is the problem with the prepared soup.

  12. Gluten-free is SO hard. My co-workers son is going through removing it from his diet, and it is REALLY difficult to explain to a second-grader why he can’t eat french fries at (most) restaurants anymore.

    In happier news, I’m glad you are enjoying the nut butter. 🙂

  13. I’ve been eyeing that Udi bread in TJ’s but the price tag is a tad high for my liking.
    My husband is gluten intolerant (not allergic though) so I try my best to prepare GF meals. I notice that I feel better on a GF diet. Less bloating, etc.

  14. Everything looks pretty tasty. I don’t know if I’d be fully able to go 100% gluten free…it’s so difficult!!

  15. I’ve heard Udi’s is really good for the gluten free bread category!
    I have had a lot of clients who found that removing gluten from their diet (even if they did not have a diagnosable allergy to it) had a lot of success from it in terms of digestive issues. Many of them test it out once in a while…and re-confirm it!
    It’s not always the culprit though!

  16. I would like to try going GF for a week or so and see if it helps any digestive issues. I’ve had those trader joe’s soups and think they are so nasty. The sodium level is seriously over the top!!!

  17. i love udi’s! i eat gluten free and it really helps me out

  18. Liz – This is totally random, but I did you go to Veritas? I stumbled upon your picture on KERF, and thought I recognized you. Love the blog – how cool!

  19. I have personally never gone gluten free but it’s interesting that you are! And great job with it as well… looks like you have lots of variety and nutrients which is of course essential

  20. Everyone needs to eat what makes them feel the best. Personally I live for whole grains. I just made whole wheat bread the other day and really there is nothing better than warm bread from the oven.

    I am sad that whole grains are getting such a bad rap. I think everyone needs variety and wholesomeness in their diet. That said I do believe there are so many grains, rices, quinoa etc that will sub for gluten grains.

  21. I am considering trying a gluten-free diet for a month (maybe in March) for a number of reasons–mostly because a) I often feel bloated in the evenings, and b) I’m curious to see if I’ll feel any different. Good luck with your GF quest! 🙂

  22. I can’t eat yeast so I generally eat gluten free as most gluten products contain yeast, the only thing I eat with gluten in it is rye bread and oats but they seem to be all good for me. Your breakfast looks delicious : )

  23. I love Udi’s Products – it’s crazy, but just “average” in gluten-free products (i.e. tastes like regular food) is such a big deal! So much that is gluten-free doesn’t taste like normal anything – love you review and you gave me some ideas of gluten-free products to try!

  24. I’ve never gone gluten free but I’ve always wanted to try it out for a few days just to see how I would feel. Did you notice any differences at all?

  25. Thank goodness I am not GF, but luckily there are great GF products for those who are.

    Jealous of your Miss Smart nut butter, by the way.

  26. I tried going gluten free for a while because i was having some digestive issues, and it really made me realize how many things have gluten in them. I never went g-free long enough to see if that was causing my problems though, I just couldn’t do it, lol

  27. gluten free can help some people but it does help everyone we feel from our personal experience. we do think though people should incorporate more gluten free foods in their daily lives, doesn’t have to be 100% but just some as many gluten free grains are really good for you 🙂 so glad you gave it a shot. hopefully everything works out with your stomach issues, we feel your pain as that is something we suffered for most of our lives and still have issues from time to time.

  28. Yay! How do you feel after your gluten-free day? I find that my digestion has been on track since I stopped eating it.

  29. I have tried some gluten free foods especially bread and pasta to help combat the bloat that they tend to cause sometimes.

  30. I do think that we have become a bit too gluten dependent in our society. There is wheat in so many things! I don’t think trying products made from different grains from time to time hurt anyone.
    I used to eat those TJ soups for lunch all the time!

  31. Yes, I had (what sounds like) the same problems and went G-Free for 40 days. Truthfully, it didn’t really help. But I think there are some gluten-ous items that are worse than others. Giving up cookies, processed gluten, etc helped, but the occasional slice of bread or oats was fine…and actually felt better eating them than eating the gluten-free kinds. Good luck though!

  32. That Honey Cinnamon PB looks amazing! I went GF for a cleanse and felt great! I’m not GF now but I have definitely reduced it in my diet.

  33. Woop for gluten-free eating! That top slice of bread does look like it’s got a great texture compared to a lot of them… I have to say though, if the GF bagel tasted just like a normal one, that’s a great achievement! Mmm, bagels….haven’t had one for years. Gluten can definitely cause upsets so it would be interesting to see if you felt better after a good few days without it… there’s so much GF stuff about these days, which definitely helps!

  34. That millet bread actually looks really good! I don’t have issues with gluten as far as I know. But I know what you mean about not wanting to deal with any more dietary restrictions, haha! I always feel badly when people are having us over and they ask if we have any dietary restrictions. I’m like “um… about that…” haha!

  35. That cinnamon pb looks lovely 🙂

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