Traveling & Bookmarking Recipes

We’re back in Richmond! We had quite a weekend, heading from Minnesota to Grand Forks, North Dakota for my cousins wedding. Things kicked off on Friday night with S’mores around the fire. Catching up with family is even better when toasted marshmallows are involved.

We had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating with them at the wedding on Saturday. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the weather could not have been more gorgeous!

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts (and lots of Airborne, Zicam, and hand sanitizer) I caught whatever cold Alex had so I’m battling a pretty stuffy nose and a headache. No fun! Luckily today is a holiday so I’m going to attempt to sleep it off rest while watching Netflix marathons. 

In the mean time, here are a few recipes I recently bookmarked some drool worthy recipes on Pinterest so be sure to check these out if you need some meatless inspiration:

pinterest meal ideas

1. Healthy Mexican Casserole // 2. Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad // 3. Sweet Potato & Kale Pizza

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Any tips for how to kick a cold faster?

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