Frugal Friday- 3 Cheese White Pizza

I told Alex I was going to stop over-committing us to things and then I planned something for every night of the week. Oops. So this week has absolutely flown by but it has been filled with dinners with friends and lots of house-related things.

Last night we had dinner at The Betty on Davis with a friend who moved away and was back for a visit. My ratatouille was good, but the chocolate brownie with peanut butter mousse was definitely the show stopper:

I can’t resist peanut butter and chocolate.

I’ve also been craving pizza lately. We don’t order it often, but we do make it occasionally. Usually I’m more of a red sauce person when I’m ordering pizza because white pizza tends to be very greasy and heavy but if you make it yourself then it doesn’t have to be quite so greasy. I thought I’d share my favorite white pizza recipe since it’s an awesome budget friendly recipe and it’s so easy to make. This would also be a great recipe for kids and you can customize it however you like.

As always, this Frugal Friday recipe serves 2 and costs less than $10 to make!

white pizza recipe

  • Garlic Naan- $3
  • Roma Tomatoes- $1
  • Ricotta Cheese- $2
  • Mozzarella- $2
  • Feta- $2
  • Basil, parmesan, oregano, or red pepper flakes (optional)

I usually try to keep some naan in the freezer so that when a craving hits, I’m ready. Obviously any flatbread would work, but the garlicky crust is extra tasty!

white pizza

Click here for the full recipe!

White pizza or red pizza?

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