6 Easy Ways to Be Healthier

Long term goals are great and we can all agree that your health won’t change overnight but sometimes you need some short term motivation to get you going. You already know that you should drink more water and take the stairs but here are a 6 (slightly unconventional) easy ways to jump start your health!

6 easy ways to be healthier 1. Set a curfew for e-mail. If you go to bed at 10pm, don’t let yourself check your e-mail past 9pm. A task like that gets your brain working in overdrive. Pretty soon you’re tossing and turning in bed trying to solve a problem as you fall asleep… and you won’t remember the answer in the morning.


2. Set a “Do Not Disturb” time on your phone. I have mine sent from 10pm – 7am meaning I don’t get any notifications during that time. (If someone calls twice, it’ll ring the second time, so you don’t have to worry about emergency calls.) It means your phone won’t be lighting up all night with Groupon offers and Instagram notifications.

3. Make a workout-only playlist. I’m guilty of listening to my favorite song on repeat until I’m sick of it. But now I try to put those make-me-wanna-run songs into a list that I only listen to at the gym. That way when I hear those songs, they always get me moving!


4. Make dinner at home. Eating out will almost always mean extra calories, large portion sizes, and not-so-good for your choices. Cooking at home can also save you some $$$. Plus, recipes don’t have to be complicated. I’ve got a whole list of 5-ingredient recipes for you!

IMG_0509-2 (1)

5. Eat a meatless meal. While you’re at it, skip out on meat. Vegetable based meals are good for your heart, better for the environment, and you might find you don’t even miss it! Don’t know what to make? I’ve got tons of easy meatless recipes for you!

goat cheese medallions on salad.jpg

6. Eat out of a bowl… not the container. We all know that eating straight from the bag will result in eating more… but we still do it. If you struggle with portion control, take things to the next level and pre-portion tempting snacks. Tackle that giant bag of pretzels and separate it out into sandwich bags filled with individual servings. It’ll be easier to grab a snack on the go and you won’t be tempted to eat the whole bag.


Those are a few of the things that keep me in check. I don’t always follow these rules (even when I know I should!) but all these little things do help! Healthy living doesn’t have to be difficult. Make small changes and they’ll start adding up to big results!

What are some healthy habits that are easy to incorporate into your routine? 

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