Tone It Up Meals Week 3

If we’re being totally honest (isn’t that the point of this?) I haven’t really been keeping it lean, clean, & green lately. I’ve been doing alright, consider how insanely busy life has been, but Sunday is a better picture than how I’ve been eating every single day. As much as I’d like to pretend that every day is this great. But hey, you win some you lose some. Here’s what I ate on Sunday!

yogurt bowl with apple granola

I started off with a bowl of 0% Fage yogurt topped with blueberries and some of this cinnamon applesauce granola. If I could tell you to make one fall recipe, that granola recipe would be it.

I got some stuff done around the house and then went to gymnastics. I hadn’t been in awhile so it was a nice workout. After the gym, I got a pedicure with a few girlfriends. It was so relaxing! By the time I got home it was after 2 and I was SO ready for lunch. I wanted something fast so I heated up these madras lentils.

easy vegan lunch

I used to eat these all the time when I was single and didn’t cook as often. They’re really good and they’re fairly nutritious.

featured hummus and pine nuts

I also snacked on some hummus with carrots, and crackers. Clearly I was hungry!

Alex and I finished some lesson planning and then went to church. After the service, we hung out with some of the elementary schoolers for a lesson. We also snacked on some chips, salsa, and chili! It was a delicious spread but I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture. I was too busy trying keep sour cream from ending up on the carpet.

I ate quite a bit with the kiddos but I was meeting Lindsay at Ellwoods so I couldn’t pass up on some of the hot bar options!

If you’re a long time blog reader, you’ll probably remember that Lindsay and I were roommates back in the day, so she’s used to me taking pictures of my food. 😉 It was so nice getting to catch up! She’s been in Asheville getting her nursing degree but she will be back in Richmond soon and I can’t wait! Lindsay and I met thanks to the internet and we became fast friends thanks to her willingness for adventure!

Once I got home, I had a little Halo Top for something sweet before bed. Have you tried any of the new flavors yet?!

So far, peanut butter cup has been my favorite but I haven’t tried them all yet! If you’re curious about Halo Top, you can read my Halo Top Ice Cream review here! This definitely hit the spot.

What is your current favorite treat?

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