I’m currently following the Tone It Up Bikini Series which is an 8 week program of healthy meals and sweaty workouts! I’ve had great success with their plans in the past but this is definitely the longest challenge I’ve done. We’re only into week 2 but I’m already feeling more energized (and my jeans are a little looser) so it’s been great so far!

Wondering what to eat on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan? Here's a full day of eating, documenting healthy food & recipes!
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The meals basically focus on lean protein, fruits and vegetables. For me, the biggest change is cutting back on bread-type carbs. (Oh bread, how I love you.) So here’s what my meals looked like yesterday:


I’ve been eating Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and fresh strawberries. It’s such a great combination!

yogurt bowl breakfast

Morning Snack

protein muffin

I made some protein muffins on Sunday so I’ve been packing them for a snack. I split them in half, smear some peanut butter in the middle, and pack them in a zipper top bag for easy snacking on the go. I haven’t had much luck with protein muffins in the past (most of them tasted like styrofoam) but I did some recipe tweaking on Sunday and I’m happy with how these turned out!


I made this curried chickpea salad recipe and stuffed it inside a romaine leaf like a wrap. This is a perfect meal prep recipe because you can make it in advance and enjoy it straight from the fridge.

curried chickpea lettuce wraps

Afternoon Snack

If I’m really hungry, I might have some yogurt and berries but today I wasn’t too hungry so I had some homemade za’atar spiced hummus with carrots and cucumbers.

Zaatar Spiced Hummus


I made these quick and easy burrito bowls with quinoa instead of brown rice and it was great for dinner! The quinoa and black beans make this recipe really filling.

quinoa burrito bowl

I kept it really simple, just seasoning things with garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper. This was topped with some salsa after I snapped a picture.


I’ve actually done pretty well cutting out most sugar. Other than a couple of bites from Alex’s donut on Saturday, I really haven’t had any “treats”. I was craving something sweet though and I was still a little hungry after dinner so I enjoyed some frozen yogurt bark.

frozen yogurt bark

The peanut butter and chocolate are such a tasty combination!

The Tone It Up plan is a challenge but I’m enjoying it! It’s making me try some new recipes and the workouts have been a great way to switch up my normal workouts. Yesterday’s workout was High-Intensity Interval Training so maybe that’s why I was still hungry after dinner! I definitely worked up a sweat.

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