Alex and I spent the weekend in Ohio hanging out with family and friends. One of my very best friends is getting married so I was excited to come home for her bridal shower and bachelorette party. It was so much fun celebrating with her and hanging out with other old friends.

Unfortunately, traveling & visiting friends can make the healthy eating thing a bit more of a challenge. I managed to eat fairly well but I definitely added in more sweets and snacks than I normally would.

So it’s a new week and a new start! I loaded up my (virtual) grocery cart with tons of foods that make eating healthy a little easier. I thought I’d share what some of those favorites are and how I plan to use them:

What's In My Grocery Cart

Sweet Potatoes– they’re so versatile! They add a great flavor to tacos or burritos and they make an easy side dish simply by roasting.

Avocados– I can never have enough avocados. I love adding them on top of tacos, chilis, or salads. Sometimes they’ll take the place of a sandwich spread or I’ll just add some on top of a veggie burger.

Bananas– I don’t really love bananas on their own (although they’re a great portable snack!) but they’re a perfect base for smoothies and they can be baked into cookies and muffins to add some healthy sweetness.

Apples– I can’t even think of a more convenient snack. I plan on packing these with me when I go to work. They’re perfectly portioned for an afternoon snack.. If I need a little more substantial of a snack, I’ll just combine it with a little peanut butter. Is there anything peanut butter doesn’t go with?

Frozen Meals– I know thay probably sounds counterintuitive to healthy eating but there are some great options out there! And let’s face it, we’ve all had those days where things don’t go as planned and you just need something that doesn’t require anything more than the push of a button. Some of my favorite dinners to keep on hand are from Amy’s & Kashi. Be sure to check the nutritional information and the ingredients (just because that pizza is organic doesn’t mean it’s low calorie…) I love Amy’s black bean enchiladas and the Kashi’s Pesto Pasta dinners. In general I look for meals that have less than 400 calories and at least 10g of protein.

Honestly, keeping healthy snacks and meals around is one of the best ways to keep your eating on track. The other trick? Don’t stock your pantry with things you can’t resist! If temptation is facing you every time you open the pantry door, it’s hard to keep saying no.

What are you putting in your cart?