This creamy risotto is made with farro instead of traditional arborio rice, for a heartier, healthier risotto made in an Instant Pot. Mushrooms and Parmesan cheese give this vegetarian risotto a delicious, salty flavor!

mushroom risotto
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Risotto is one of my favorite comfort food recipes. But traditional risotto recipes require you to stand by the stove, tediously stirring broth into the arborio rice. Instead of standing by the stove all evening, I decided to turn to my pressure cooker for a little help! And since I was changing things up anyway, I decided to use farro instead of arborio rice. It has a chewier texture but it still gives you a thick and creamy risotto. Plus, it’s a hearty whole grain!

If you have leftover mushrooms, try my vegetarian mushroom soup or this tasty mushroom pasta!

What is Farro?

Farro is an ancient grain, full of protein, fiber, and other nutrients! The taste is heartier and chewier than brown rice and is sometimes confused with spelt. Because it is a type of wheat, it is not gluten-free. There are a few different types of farro:

types of farro
  • Pearled Farro: This is the most common type of farro and it’s the type that we’ll use in this recipe. It’s a bit less nutritious because it’s had the bran removed, but it has the shortest cook time.
  • Semi-pearled farro: As the name suggests, this type of farro has had part of the bran removed. It takes a bit longer to cook than pearled farro and it has more of a nutty flavor.
  • Whole farro: This type of farro includes the whole wheat bran, which makes it the most nutritious but it also takes the longest to cook. This type of farro typically needs to be soaked overnight before cooking.

Because farro doesn’t have as much starch as arborio rice, it helps to break down the farro a bit before cooking. Add the pearled farro to a blender or food processor and pulse 8-10 times. This will create a better texture for the risotto.

How to Make Farro Risotto