It was a little tricky eating healthy over the weekend so my goal was to hit the ground running this week. That didn’t totally play out yesterday but life is all about balance, right? So here’s a look at yesterday’s meals:

I started off breakfast with Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, and strawberries. (I wish fresh strawberries were always on sale!) Plus a cup of vanilla creme flavored coffee. I like my coffee black but the flavored coffee still makes it taste sweet!

yogurt with berries

I used 0% Fage which was on sale, but normally I get 2%. Do you guys notice much of a difference? I honestly can’t tell but I think that’s because I pile in so many blueberries.


The morning was pretty busy so I just grabbed a 100 calorie pack of almonds. I love having these when work gets really busy!

I had packed my lunch with me so I was able to start eating as soon as I wrapped up my last morning meeting. I packed an Amy’s frozen meal which I mentioned on Monday’s post. 

amy's enchiladas

This meal is one of my favorites; the flavor is really good and it’s only 320 calories with 10g of protein. Sometimes I’ll add a little avocado on top if I’m looking for a larger meal.

My intention was to have a Larabar for my afternoon snack but I left it in the car so I went with pretzels instead. Normally I’d try to find a snack with a little more protein and/or fiber but sometimes you just take what you can get from the vending machine.

It was Alex’s birthday yesterday so we went to a local restaurant that is one of his favorite spots. They, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of vegetarian options so I got the two on the menu: a kale salad and an avocado taco.


The kale salad was awesome. I definitely need to try the avocado + strawberry combo at home. The avocado taco was also crazy good.

After dinner I got in a quick workout (I did this ab routine and this leg workout) and then headed out the door again for our small group. I brought apple pie and vanilla ice cream to celebrate Alex’s birthday and it was fun sharing dessert with friends and I couldn’t resist a few tastes!

apple pie

While I’m trying to stick to the Tone It Up nutrition plan, I can’t pass up a few bites to celebrate a birthday!

Thinking about trying the Tone It Up nutrition plan? See what I ate on a full day of the Tone It Up meal plan!

What’s your favorite birthday dessert?

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