I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself in a grocery rut. I just buy the same things over and over again. (And Relay Foods actually makes it really simple to save your grocery list and order your regular items each week, which is awesome.) It’s perfect, because I know I can make something out of the ingredients I have, but sometimes I get bored of the same old thing over and over. So I thought I’d start a little mini-series and share with you some of my favorite recipes for the things that are a staple in my pantry.

I’ll kick things off with black beans because they’re one of my favorite ingredients. They’re delicious, healthy, and cheap. That’s about all I need to be happy. 😉 So here 10 ways to use black beans. (Note: Many of these recipes are not my own, so click the pictures for the source of the photo & recipe!)

10 Easy Black Bean Recipes.jpg

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black bean and sweet potato enchiladas from I Heart Vegetables

I didn’t use to be a big fan of enchiladas… but these changed my mind.

Yes, black beans in a brownie. Sounds crazy, but it actually tastes pretty delicious.


I think my college roommate and I lived off this stuff. Except we couldn’t afford avocado.

Even vegetarians like burgers. Black bean burgers that is.

I have some rice paper in my pantry, so I’m dying to try these black bean spring rolls!

Alex and I actually made these for my birthday last year. They were surprisingly easy and super good.

vegan black bean soup

I made this black bean soup a lot when I was vegan. It’s easy and you can make it as mild or as spicy as you like!

I never thought of black beans as “cute” until I saw this adorable appetizer. I must try this one!

Any excuse to have tortilla chips is good enough for me. Maybe I’ll try this tip (sans olives for me) this weekend!

tortilla soup

And lastly, this tortilla soup is a spicy way to use up a few leftover cans of black beans!

Ok your turn, tell me what your favorite black bean recipe is! Feel free to leave a link!