Warm Kale Salad

I haven’t been eating as many salads lately, since it’s been so chilly. This meant that I had a couple of bunches of kale sitting in my fridge, begging to be used. I finally decided I’d use them up on a warm kale salad. After having such a delicious dish at The Savory Grain, I had a rough idea in mind of how I wanted to turn out. This actually turned out to be a simpler salad than I thought (thanks to an avocado gone bad) and I think this would be a lovely side dish, or a main dish if you added a little quinoa.

warm kale salad

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Warm Kale Salad
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • 1 bunch kale
  • ½ lemon
  • ½ cup shredded Parmesan Romano cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Heat up the oil in a large sauce pan, and add in the garlic powder.
  2. Tear the kale into small pieces, removing the stems.
  3. Add them to the oil and toss to coat.
  4. Cook the kale over medium heat for 2 minutes, just until it softens. It shouldn't take long, and you don't want it to get soggy.
  5. Juice half of a lemon, and drizzle over top.
  6. Toss with the shredded cheese and add a little salt and pepper.
  7. Serve warm.

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It felt good to get in some greens, since I hadn’t been doing a wonderful job of that recently. Saturday was so busy, I barely had time for anything more than a few slices of pizza. I did, however, manage to find time to take a class at Richmond Barre.

Virginia Bloggers

Saturday afternoon we had a Virginia Bloggers barre class at Richmond Barre, and let me tell you, I’m going to be sore for awhile. My legs were shaking! I can’t wait to go back! It was also so much fun getting to meet some new-to-me bloggers in person! Thanks to everyone who came out for the class!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I love kale cooked. I love spinach cooked too. Those are two greens I have a hard time eating raw. This looks like something I’d really like!

  2. I’ve recently been getting into warm salads. I think kale and arugula is tied for my favorite greens actually.

  3. I have totally been on a kale kick lately. Most days I have been eating raw kale in salads for lunch at work, but this cooked one looks even better!

  4. Hey! I was JUST looking for a warm salad for dinner tonight since I’ve been freezing all day. This one sounds good – even if I’m skeptical about kale. I mean I enjoy it in my smoothies, but alone… eh i just don’t know? 🙁 Ha Ha!

  5. I have been on a kale chip kick so I have plenty of kale in the house to use for a salad. Funny thing is, I was just thinking that maybe I would make one for lunch and then saw your post lol.

  6. So jealous of that barre class, it looks so fun! I haven’t taken barre since the holidays and I miss it. I got in a good run while the weather was so nice yesterday!

  7. Yes! I love what parmesan cheese and lemon do to kale. It’s also nice to toss in any leftover roasted veggies lying around!

  8. ha! I had an avocado I wanted to add to a kale salad last week but it went bad too. Such a shame but glad you still could enjoy your salad

  9. Yuuuuum!

  10. i had a pretty low key weekend and was able to get some meal prep done.

  11. Ooooh what a lovely idea! This sounds wonderful! Love the flavor combination! I still have some kale left in my fridge. This may be its use!

    I had a pretty busy weekend, my athletes competed in their track meet at the Armory all day Saturday, and then Sunday I had my 17 miler, which I ran mostly on snow….really took it out of my legs! It was a good weekend though 🙂

  12. I’m still kind of a kale newbie, but this looks like such a simple way to add some kale as a side dish! Also, I had such a great time at the meet up!! Now if only I lived closer…

  13. Thanks for planning the Richmond Barre meet up! It was really fun. And, for the record, I’m still sore. haha.

  14. bloggers barre class? that sounds like a ton of fun 🙂 and i think i might make this salad- with some quinoa 🙂

  15. I’ve been reading so much about Barre classes lately, I need to check this out after the baby is born!

    • Definitely give it a try! I’m not a huge fan of jumping-around-cardio, so this class kicks my butt without making me do burpees 😉

  16. I could definitely see how avocado would’ve enhanced this salad yum! I love avocados – kale is such a flavorful green! Happy Monday Liz! -Iva

  17. we love making warm salads

  18. yum! come to think of it, i haven’t made salads very often because this cold weather! i did order one at the restaurant yesterday though – itz always better when someone else makes it haha!

  19. Oh wow – this looks good! I just started eating kale again (I took a hiatus and was eating mostly spinach.) Anyways, this sounds so good and perfect for a cold winter night!

  20. I have only had a cold kale salad, so a warm one is definitely intriguing to me! Especially since its got parmesan in it 🙂

  21. Fun! I want to take another barre type of class. I’ve only done one, and oddly enough I wasn’t sore at all afterwards… though I was def shaking the entire time!

  22. Warm Kale + Garlic + Olive or Coconut Oil = The key to getting the green INTO MY MOUTH 🙂

  23. mmmmmmmmmm kale salad, easy and no mess 😉 Doing it today for dinner!

  24. So I have to admit – I’ve been strictly clean eating for the past 4ish months and kale is not something I have experimented with yet. I’ve done just about everything else… for some reason kale scares me. This looks delicious though! So next week! I’ll give it a go! 🙂


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