This Instant Pot potato soup is rich and creamy with tons of flavor, but it’s made with just a handful of ingredients! Try this cozy soup for an easy but satisfying meatless meal!

instant pot ptoato soup in a bowl
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Potato soup has been a favorite of mine since my college days. I loved that for just a few dollars, I could make a soup that would last me for most of the week. With grocery prices soaring, we could all use a budget-friendly soup recipe, right? I normally make my 4 Ingredient Potato Soup on the stovetop, but I realized I could make it even faster in my pressure cooker! If you have the air fryer lid, you should also try this Instant Pot air fryer baked potato!

This potato soup is vegetarian, and it can easily be made vegan. I have a few substitutions and swaps if you want to keep this lower in calories, and I also included some of my favorite toppings to take this soup to the next level! This recipe is super rich and creamy, so a bowl of this soup is the ultimate comfort food!

Ingredients & Substitutions

  • Potatoes– I recommend using russet potatoes which are starchy and delicious.
  • Butter– I’ve tested this recipe with both olive oil and butter and I didn’t notice a huge difference, so feel free to use either one.
  • Onion– I used a yellow onion, but a white onion is fine too.
  • Garlic– Don’t skimp on the garlic! This adds tons of flavor to the soup.
  • Broth– You’ll want a flavorful broth for this recipe. I like the vegan “not-chicken” style broth from Edward & Sons.
  • Milk– For a super creamy texture, use evaporated milk. For a lower fat option, use 2% or skim milk. To keep it vegan, use a vegan half-and-half or substitute with unsweetened almond milk.

What is Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk is just milk that has been heated so that around half of the water content evaporates. This results in milk that is extra creamy, thick and flavorful. Evaporated milk is a great way to create a creamy broth without using actual cream to get a rich flavor. It’s lower in fat and calories, and since you can buy it in a can, it’s shelf stable . If you want to make a vegan version of this soup, I highly recommend using Ripple’s half and half. It’s a great plant-based creamer! You can substitute Earth Balance or olive oil for the butter.

How to Make Potato Soup