Yesterday morning I ran the Race for the Cure. Beautiful weather, good crowd, and a great cause! But how did I prepare? Pretty terribly. So here’s what NOT to do.

1. Don’t try to put together your playlist as your friend is on their way to pick you up. You’ll end up with a lot of sappy acoustic music on shuffle.

2. Don’t wear pants when its hot out, simply because you didn’t do laundry and have any shorts clean.

3. Don’t forget to pick a spot to meet your ride after the race. Especially because none of you will have their phone…

4. Don’t go to a concert the night before, and drink 5 glasses of wine, after having nothing but yogurt for dinner. It hits you fast. And it hits you hard.

5. Don’t stay out until 2am,  after watching the guy you thought you were with, make out with some random girl at the bar. No really. Don’t do it.

Somehow, despite all of those things, I pushed through it, and finished the race! I don’t know how fast I ran it, but I’m sure it wasn’t my best time.

It probably goes without saying that life has been… interesting… over the last couple of days. But I’m so thankful for the amazing friends I have! Eric, I could not have run that race without you!

Have you ever had a really terrible race?

<3 Liz