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Creamy goat cheese, sweet onions, and tangy balsamic glaze bring tons of flavor to this healthy pizza recipe! With a quick-rise dough recipe, you can have homemade pizza ready in 45 minutes!

goat cheese pizza with caramelized onions
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If you know me, you know I love pizza. This is nothing new. In fact, Alex and I bought a pizza oven a couple of years ago because we love pizza that much. And yet, I actually haven’t shared a lot of pizza recipes on the blog! It’s time to change that. This Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Pizza is easy to make, no fancy pizza oven required. It’s healthier than most pizza and the homemade dough comes together quickly.

If you’ve never made your own pizza dough before, this recipe is a great place to start! There’s nothing better than homemade dough. The mixing and measuring is simple and it brings me so much joy! Let’s be honest, everything feels more special when it’s homemade, right? Plus, this recipe comes together quickly with only a few minutes of kneading.

How to Make Pizza Dough

Yeast and flour

When mixing the dough, add warm water, between 120˚F-130˚F and follow the recipe instructions. If possible, use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. If your tap water doesn’t get very hot, you may need to microwave your water for 15-20 seconds to get it warm enough. The water should be lukewarm and not hot, otherwise, it will kill the yeast. Water shouldn’t be cold either, or the yeast won’t activate.

Tips for Using Rapid Rise Yeast

pizza dough

If you don’t use yeast very often, check to make sure it’s not expired. This is often the reason for the dough not rising properly. When kneading the dough, add just enough flour to the dough and your hands to keep the dough from sticking. Flatten the dough and fold it toward you. Use the heels of your hands to push the dough away with a rolling motion. Then rotate the dough a quarter turn and repeat the “fold, push and turn” steps. Continue to knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic. If the dough begins to get sticky, add a little more flour. Fleischmann’s® RapidRise® Yeast works quickly, so you only have to wait 10 minutes for the dough to rise. While the dough is rising, you can make the caramelized onions, so this pizza comes together easily.

If you’re looking for a thin, chewy pizza crust, like a Neopolitan-style crust, try this Ooni Pizza Oven Dough recipe that I use in our pizza oven!

If you don’t have yeast, you can make my beer pizza dough which uses beer instead of yeast. It gives you a thin, crispy crust with just a hint of hoppy flavor. Don’t worry, the alcohol cooks out in the oven, so it’s safe for the whole family.

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