Summer is officially here! I love the long, lazy days that summer brings. We aren’t in a regular routine and there is typically a little more travel and weekend activities. For us, summer lacks the same structure that comes with the rest of the year, and I love how it has such a relaxed vibe! The tricky part is that when I’m not in a regular routine, sometimes my healthy habits can slip my mind. While I love unwinding and taking it easy, my habits make me feel energized! So here are five healthy summer habits I’m working on keeping this summer!

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1. Consistently hit 10,000 steps

10,000 might not be a “magic” number, but I like having a specific goal in mind. I have a fitness tracker that I use to count my steps and seeing my goal on a screen makes it easier for me to reach it! If the weather is gloomy, I’ll use my treadmill desk to knock out my steps while I work. Also, I recommend getting a pair of comfortable sandals so you don’t end up with foot pain or blisters! With comfy shoes, I’m more motivated to walk everywhere! Even if I can’t squeeze in a workout, hitting my step goal for the day means I at least got in a little movement… even if that just means we walked to the ice cream shop! P.S. Here are my thoughts on FitBit vs. Garmin.

garmin watch

2. Drink at least 64oz of water

I met with a dietician a couple of months ago and one of the main things she pointed out was my water intake. I walked her through a typical day of eating and drinking and it quickly became clear that unless I was making a focused effort, I probably wasn’t drinking enough water. I tend to drink a lot of coffee in the morning and as a result, I don’t end up sipping on water until after lunch! Now I keep a water bottle nearby and I grab one on the way out the door when we’re traveling! I also love making these infused waters!

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Can’t seem to stick to water? Here are my tips for drinking more water!

3. Plan an active date night!

I love trying new restaurants and Alex and I enjoy going out to dinner often, but sometimes eating and drinking doesn’t create the healthiest routine. Summer is the perfect time to plan an “active” date night with your significant other or your besties! Rather than jumping into the car when the ice cream craving hits, take a long walk and that scoop will taste even sweeter! In Richmond, we have a river that runs right through the city so we can go kayaking, paddle boarding, or tubing! Last summer, Alex bought me some tennis gear, so it’s been fun attempting to play tennis together! Even if we’re not any good, it’s a great way to get our heart pumping before we grab bagel sandwiches for breakfast. 

4. Always wear sunscreen

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I’ll admit that I’ve never been great about wearing sunscreen. But once I turned 30 it was like a switch flipped and I realized that I need to be a lot more careful about my skin. I can’t go back and change the past but I can start applying sunscreen regularly! I bought a primer that has SPF built in so my face doesn’t go unprotected. And I started buying spray sunscreen because I find that easier to apply! 

5. Check out the farmer’s market

If the farmer’s market isn’t part of your weekend routine, give it a try! Most cities have at least one and it’s a great way to learn more about where your food comes from. The farmer’s market often has different types of produce that I’ve never even seen in a store. (Like pawpaws!) It’s a fun way to try new, healthy foods and you’ll support a local farmer in the process! 

Do you have any habits that help you stay on track this summer? Share them in the comments below!