A few months ago I decided to start drinking more water. Why? Because everyone tells you you’re supposed to drink more water so it must be important. Actually, it was because I was pretty sure my body was 40% coffee and I was probably dehydrated. So goals of water consumption began. And even though everyone tells you “drink more water” that didn’t actually help me guzzle any more H20.

how to drink more water

But I learned a few tricks that kept me sipping and turned drinking water into a habit. Whether you’re trying to cut back on other things like coffee or soda, or you’re just trying to drink a little more water, here are my tips for staying hydrated!

how to drink more water1. Get a straw.

I drink so much more water if I have a cup with a straw. You can sip on water while still maintaining eye contact with your computer screen and let’s be real, that makes a difference. I love my S’well water bottle when I’m on the go, but unscrewing the cap every 5 minutes while I’m sitting at my desk gets annoying. Alex got me these reusable straws from Crate and Barrel and they’re the best things ever. They’re big enough that you can use them with smoothies but I stick ‘em in a glass of water and sip my way to hydration.

2. Drink lukewarm water.

Ok I know that sounds weird and if lukewarm water gives you the creeps then add a little ice. But a glass of water that’s super cold is hard to drink. Water that’s just a little on the cool side is much easier to drink quickly without running into the dangers of a brain freeze. I find I can drink a lot more water if it’s not super chilly.

3. Add a little lemon or lime or something.

I try to get a huge glass of water with lemons at lunch and then I continually refill it with plain water all afternoon. Just a tiny hint of lemon helps me keep on sipping. If you want to get really fancy you can get one of these cups that has a little “infuser” built in, but I just go with a plain water cup.

4. Enlist a water buddy.

Ask a coworker or friend to keep you accountable! Remind each other to hydrate during the day. Send a text, Instagram DM, or Snapchat message to a virtual buddy. Isn’t everything more fun with a friend?

5. Try plain soda water

I love drinking plain soda water. If that sounds crazy to you, you can start with a La Croix or other unsweetened beverage. I used to be a Diet Coke addict but once I switched to La Croix, Diet Coke stopped tempting me. (Now it tastes way too sweet!) Eventually, I switched to plain soda water and now we have a SodaStream so I never run out of bubbly!

What helps you drink more water?

This post was originally published in June 2015. Updated January 2019. This post contains affiliate links.

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