Cheap-o Frappuccino


This week literally flew by. I'm not sure where it went, but I'm glad to see the weekend, so that's fine with me! Let's jump right into this. 1. I'm currently obsessed with Spotify, specifically the premium/mobile version that basically allows me … [Continue reading]

What I [Snacked] Wednesday


Since the weekend was full of chips and dip, I decided to start my week with a mission of healthy snacking. How perfect that Jenn set a goal of healthy snacking. Convenient, no? So here are my rulesĀ tricks tips for healthy snacking! Be prepared … [Continue reading]

The 80-20 Weekend


You know the 80-20 rule? Well, I followed it this weekend. I ate 80% chips, and 20% dip. Just kidding. Kind of. Saturday, I spent the whole day floating in the water with this girl: and we basically ate nothing but chips. Ok, and an apple. Good … [Continue reading]

Cauliflower Tabbouleh Recipe!

Ok ok fine! I'll give you the recipe ;) The credit really goes to Brittany who originally made this recipe. I switched things up because: I hate olives I didn't have turmeric, nor did I know what you can substitute for turmeric I had … [Continue reading]

What I [was inspired to eat] Wednesday


Maybe I give into peer pressure. Maybe I'm too much of a conformist. Or maybe I'm just surrounded by seriously awesome people. I'm going to go with that last one. So what I've been eating this week has largely been influenced by the wonderful people … [Continue reading]

Garlic Lentil Soup

garlic lentil soup

I don't know if you had sun where you live, but I took full advantage of the amazing weather we had this weekend. Lindsay and I shopped around Carytown, went to a Squirrels game, and hit up Broad Appetit. That last photo was raw cauliflower … [Continue reading]

The Protein Powder Advantage


I know I've lamented on the annoying-ness of getting asked "but how do you get enough protein?" before, and I truly believe that you can easily get enough protein from vegetarian sources, without having to use protein powder. There are so many … [Continue reading]

Out of the Routine


As you'd expect, the holiday weekend did shake up my routine a little, although it wasn't anything crazy out of the ordinary. My Tuesday, however, was more unusual. It also allowed me to take better photographs of my food. Win-win. My friend … [Continue reading]

Festive Cheesecakes


Happy Monday, everyone! Hopefully you're enjoying a long weekend, filled with relaxation, friends, family, and fun! In case you didn't notice, my blog got a much-needed facelift. All the content should still be totally simple to find, but I think … [Continue reading]

The Little Changes I [Should Be] Making


Changing your life is a scary thing. And it's hard. It takes a lot of work, replacing bad habits with good ones, pushing yourself every single day, avoiding temptation, and figuring out what your body needs. So let's just talk about little changes. … [Continue reading]