Inspiration from Others

dallas adventures

I've been blogging for about 3 years now, and it's absolutely amazing how much I've learned from other bloggers. When I fell in love with this community, I knew it was an amazing group of people, but I didn't realize how much they would influence my … [Continue reading]

Spaghetti Squash Bake

spaghetti squash bake

First of all, Alex and I woke up SUPER early this morning to head to the airport so I will be drinking massive amounts of coffee today. But it's totally worth it because we're spending the rest of the week with one of my best friends in the whole … [Continue reading]

Pinterest Recipes & Birthday Celebrations


Alex and I waited until Saturday to officially celebrate my birthday and he had quite a day of surprises planned. We started off the day with coffee and the newspaper (I love the newspaper) which I read while he made me an omelet. (Heavy on the … [Continue reading]

Carrot Ginger Bisque

carrot ginger soup

I got pretty lucky with my birthday this year. It just so happened to fall on the same day as a team building event for work, which was an Iron Chef Cook-off. ( I think my team was just being really nice, and wanted to throw me my dream birthday … [Continue reading]

Oh hey, I’m 25!

I'm officially a 25 today! 24 was an absolutely fantastic year, but I can already tell that 25 has a lot of potential. Here's a quick look at some of my favorite moments from my previous year: Visiting Boston with my family! My first trip to DC, … [Continue reading]

Weekend Sun & Mini Eggplant Pizza

eggplant pizzas

I'm a little sunburned this morning, after Alex and I spent the weekend with our friends at Smith Mountain Lake. We had a wonderful time on the water, which even including a little stand up paddleboarding. I'd been wanting to try it for awhile, and … [Continue reading]

The Best Frozen Burritos

Red's All Natural Burrito

I've been trying tons of new food products lately, and I'm so excited to share a few new ones with you. I was sent a coupleĀ of these products free of charge, but as always, I only give you my true and honest opinion! So let's get rolling. Here are … [Continue reading]

My Current “Meal Plan”

breakfast granola and juice

I haven't done a post about my daily eats for awhile, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of what my eating has looked like lately. This is a weekday of food, and I tend to try to eat more healthy during the week, so I have plenty of room … [Continue reading]

Vegan Chickpea Tortilla Soup

Vegan Chickpea Tortilla Soup from I Heart Vegetables

There was a local restaurant chain in Columbus that I frequented growing up, that was known for their chicken tortilla soup. I'd tried it before, back when I ate meat, and I liked how spicy it was but I wasn't crazy about it. It lost a bit of it's … [Continue reading]

3 Easy Ways to Save Time & Stay Healthy

10 minute circuit workout

Do you have too much time on your hands? I didn't think so. Life is busy! Sometimes it makes my head spin when I look at my to-do list. But worrying about it won't make it better, you just have to jump in and tackle it! When things get crazy, these … [Continue reading]