Cookie Dough Granola


I taunted you with this. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry, because this stuff is so good. I'll warn you, it's simple, but it does use ingredients that you might not necessarily have in your house. It's not vegan, it's not gluten free... but it's … [Continue reading]

What I [Baked/Roasted/Grilled] Wednesday


I've been whipping up a lot of things in the kitchen these days. A lot of easy things. So obviously, I'm going to show you what I've been up to! Breakfast: Baked I had so much fun with the Samoa Granola, that I made a cookie dough granola recipe … [Continue reading]

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries


This was another pinterest inspired recipe that I made while Alexa was visiting. I saw a few versions of this, but I made mine based on what I had on hand. These were 10 times easier than the mini banana splits... but still pretty adorable. Since … [Continue reading]

RVA Restaurant Review: The Empress


It's not every day you... Walk into a new restaurant, where the owner says "You look familiar... are you on twitter?" (Yes. I am) Meet an Abe Lincoln impersonator (I have his card, if you need a president at your next function) Eat gluten-free … [Continue reading]

Samoa Cookie Granola


I teased you with this on Wednesday's post.¬† Since I've been coaching elementary school cheerleading, I had no choice but to purchase some girl scout cookies. The problem wasn't buying the cookies, the problem was stopping myself from eating the … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [With Alexa] Wednesday

stuzzi pizza

This Wednesday feels like a Monday... since I took Monday and Tuesday off work, while Alexa was visiting. So this Wednesday kind of crept up on me, but don't worry, Alexa and I did a lot of photo documentation during her trip, so we can share some of … [Continue reading]

#VAis4Bloggers- Richmond Edition


When Sarah shot me an e-mail, asking if I'd be down for lunch & Trader Joe's this weekend, I pretty much shouted through the computer, YES. (Ok, and I also responded with an e-mail, in case she didn't hear me) but both of us wanted to share the … [Continue reading]

Because Mini Desserts = Adorable


It's a proven fact that mini desserts are cuter. And they're especially popular with females. But you knew this, right? Monday night, we had a house full of ladies (which may or my not have been for the season finale of a popular show which I … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [Here and There] Wednesday


This week has been fantastic so far, filled with delicious food, and most importantly, good friends! We had a house full of females on Monday night for the Bachelor. I only watch the first and the last episode, but nothing in between. It's all about … [Continue reading]

5-ingredient Peanut Sauce

spicy peanut sauce

After the delicious Thai dinner that my friend Stephanie made me, I was on a bit of a Thai kick. Amy¬†showed me a Spicy Peanut Sauce recipe that she had whipped up, and I knew I had to try making my own. I played with the proportions a lot, … [Continue reading]