Greek Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad

It was one of those weekends that just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye, probably because my parents were visiting, and we were trying to cram in lots of time together! It was great to see them, as always, and I wish the weekend could have … [Continue reading]

Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Review

Tracy Anderson

Looking for a tough at home that's low impact and doesn't require a lot of equipment? Then you should check out The Perfect Design Series by Tracy Anderson. I wrote about Tracy Anderson once before, when I first came across her YouTube videos. (You … [Continue reading]

Easy Greek Salad Dressing


It's kind of nice to be back home and back in the swing of things. While it was fun trying so many new restaurants, I love being back in the kitchen. Since vacation was lots and lots of heavy (and not always healthy) food, I'm trying to keep things … [Continue reading]

Vacation by the Numbers


9- days we were on vacation 5,027- miles flown 996- miles driven 19- Selfies attempted 3- Selfies successfully completed 2- National parks we tried to visit that were closed due to the government shut down 2- Vineyards we visited in Napa … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: Eating Bird Food

Since I'm still trekking down the coast, I've enlisted some blogging help from one of my friends, who is a blogging inspiration!  Enjoy! Hi I Heart Vegetables readers! I’m Brittany the lady behind Eating Bird Food, a blog that features healthy … [Continue reading]

West Coast Eats

French Press Coffee

I'm going to keep this short since I'm still on vacation, and trying not to spend a lot of time on my computer. Of course, I couldn't resist jumping in with a little What I Ate Wednesday to show you some of my west coast favorites. Breakfast My … [Continue reading]

Monday in Seattle

photo 1

It doesn't really feel like Monday to me, because Alex and I are on a West Coast vacation! We left Saturday, and are currently in Seattle, headed to Portland, Napa Valley, & San Francisco. We spent yesterday morning walking around the sculpture … [Continue reading]

Should You Juice?


I was talking to some girlfriends on Sunday about juicing and it got me thinking about why people juice, and what to consider if you're thinking about trying it. While I absolutely love juicing, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. So let's talk … [Continue reading]

National Kale Day

This day might be better than my birthday! Thank you, Angela, for alerting me that it's National Kale Day. I had a whole post planned for today but that's getting bumped in honor of KALE. First of all, lets talk about why kale is awesome: Tons … [Continue reading]

Loving Virginia

Girls at the Vineyard 2

This state is amazing. I've been here for about 3 & 1/2 years now, and Virginia feels like home. Fall has always been my favorite season, but Virginia in the fall is truly breathtaking. What better way to enjoy this great state than visit some of … [Continue reading]