Twitter Teryiaki


Yesterday, I learned: My twitter friends are amazing problem solvers How to spell teriyaki There is no shame in buying bottled sauce, instead of making your own A guy friend was coming over for dinner last night, which means I needed a … [Continue reading]

What I [Confessed] Wednesday


It's Wednesday! Which means the blog world is buzzing, thanks to WIAW! But I have a confession. I don't have many exciting eats to show you. Mostly because... Confession: I've been eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch almost every single … [Continue reading]

New Week, Fresh Start


Maybe it's the 10pm ice cream habit, or the dinners out, or the [many] drinks that were consumed over the weekend. Maybe it's my lack of motivation on the cardio machines, or maybe it's the fact that I live 1 block away from a frozen yogurt … [Continue reading]

Raw/Vegan Workshop!


Things I learned at the Raw/Vegan Workshop: I could never eat 100% raw I like fennel I need a spiralizer The class was sponsored by Ellwood Thompson, a local grocery store that specializes in organic and local products. Raw food is food that … [Continue reading]

My New View – WIAW


So from your side of the interwebs, this post probably looks pretty standard. But here's the view from my side: Um yes, I'm typing this post from my brand new MacBook Pro. Mmmhmm. I know. You're jealous. Actually, you're probably not jealous, … [Continue reading]

Festival Festivities!


Over the weekend, I went to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival. That's one of the awesome things about Richmond... there is a festival for everything ;) The best part was definitely all of the yummy samples! I got to try Bruchetta from Trader … [Continue reading]

Thank You Dad…


Thank you dad... For being patient when I asked 100 questions a day (Is this oak or pine?) For writing me back, every time I wrote you a note (Even the ones just reminding you to get your lunch out of the fridge) For [constantly] reminding me to … [Continue reading]

Caramel Heath Cake Recipe!


Caramel. Toffee. They're both kind of a light brown color... they're both often mixed with chocolate... and I think in my head, they were kind of the same thing. Like I know they're not, but I didn't realize they're not. Does that make sense? No? … [Continue reading]

What I [Tried] Wednesday


Yesterday was kind of a bad day. [Insert work frustrations.] ┬áBut thats ok, because: 1. I usually love work, so a bad day just means that I got a little frustrated... 2. When I'm frustrated I liked to run. Or clean. And both of those were on my … [Continue reading]

Embracing My Inner Hippie


I'm not really the "camping type." I like showering. I like sleeping in my bed. I like using my vitamix every morning. And don't even get me started on my texting/tweeting/blogging addictions. Woah. However, I threw caution to the wind, and spent … [Continue reading]