Cleanse Approved Recipes


In case you didn't know, I take requests. So when my bff asked me for some recipes that she could eat on her cleanse diet, I had to oblige. Yep, I'm that nice. Just to be clear, I'm not endorsing (or following) this cleanse. But I did want to be … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [From a Package] Wednesday


Yesterday was full of packaged food. Calm down. While I do agree that an abundance of processed/packaged/preservative-ridden food isn't exactly idea, I'm willing to make exceptions. I think there is some good stuff out there! So here we go. A What I … [Continue reading]

The [Mandatory] Resolutions Post


I kind of love setting goals. I don't reserve resolutions for New Years. I pretty much resolve to do something new about every month. I also think they're more attainable that way. So instead of reaching for the moon, I'm just going to lay out some … [Continue reading]

Staying Active- Jillian Michaels DVD review!


I actually managed to stay active at home: I had a lot of gym dates with Alexa (which is SO motivating!) My dad and I had a father-daughter date at the ice rink and an hour of ice skating is enough cardio for me! And thanks to this Christmas … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [at my parents] Wednesday


I should warn you, my mom has been nervous about this post. It seems that even she has noticed the buzz around the blog world on Wednesdays, thanks to Jenn and her famous What I Ate Wednesday party! My mom isn't a frequent reader, so the fact that … [Continue reading]

Keeping [Mostly] in Check


I'm definitely much more "relaxed" over the holidays. As it should be! If a workout gets skipped, because I'm busy visiting friends and family that's the kind of trade off I'm ok with. And if I eat some extra sugar on Christmas... well Aunt Dee's … [Continue reading]

Friday Festivities

If you're a grinch, come back later. Because I'm in a fantastic mood, and I don't need any scrooges around here :) I'm home. I'm on vacation. All that's left is baking and shopping, which both happen to be favorite activities. So Yes. Life is … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [as an elf] Wedensday


I've felt like an elf this week! I finished up [almost] all my Christmas shopping, and I was in a wrapping frenzy! But let me take you through the day of eats first. Thanks, Jenn, for hosting the party, as always! Breakfast: Yep. Still the same. … [Continue reading]

Time-Saving Caramel Dip


Holy monkeys! What happened to December? I can't believe I'll be flying home in just a few days! I'm almost done Christmas shopping, but I can't believe how quickly it's coming. Which is probably good considering the amount of holiday goodies I've … [Continue reading]

Workout for the Attention-Span-Challenged


I have a really short attention span. I don't like sitting still. I'm not even a big fan of movies, mostly because I don't like sitting down for that long. Does anyone else sit cross legged in their office chair? Yeah. That's me. Fidgeting. Because … [Continue reading]