What I Ate [For a Low Calorie Dessert] Wednesday


Sometimes, inspiration just strikes. I was long over due for some play time in the kitchen. I was in the mood for something sweet... warm... decadent.... oh, and low calorie. I'm just glad inspiration came in time for What I Ate Wednesday. So … [Continue reading]

Things That Make Me Happy


Am I allowed to do a totally random post of things that make me happy? (I don't really care what you say, it's my blog and I do what, I want, yo.) 1. Eating at my favorite restaurant twice in the same week Helllllo Northstar Cafe. Thank you for … [Continue reading]

The Perks of Traveling


Don't mess with my routine. Don't. Seriously. I don't like that. I'm really easy going with most things. But there are certain things I just don't like getting messed with. One of those is breakfast. I want breakfast, I want the newspaper, I want … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [on Travel] Wednesday


Disclaimer: since I'm jet setting, you'll have to settle for iphone pictures. Sad. #firstworldproblems Anyway, it's What I Ate Wednesday so here's what I'm munching on! Earlier this week, I scored a giant box of these from Shanna & the folks … [Continue reading]

PSA: Your Butt Wants Attention


It's feeling neglected. Lucky for you, there is a solution out there. Have you heard of the Butt Bible Workouts? I just discovered that they are on Exercise TV and the Video OnDemand section of my cable box (don't worry, you can also find them on … [Continue reading]

Because I Say Yes to Everything


The conversation went like this: It doesn't take much to convince me of things. That's how I end up at things like pole dancing and roller derby tryouts. (Maybe one day I'll tell you about the time I accidentally tried out for the Lady Raiders.) So … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [With a Twist] Wednesday


I'm a bad food blogger. 90% of the time, I eat the same thing. Yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, some type of vegetable for dinner. Lots of fruit and cereal in between. Super exciting, I know. Calm down. We can't all have lives this … [Continue reading]

What Crazy People Do


After driving 7 hours to Charleston on Friday... I stayed a day and a half, and then drove 7 hours home. Yes. This is what crazy people do. But that's ok. Totally worth it. Because Charleston is awesome! Saturday night, we went out downtown and … [Continue reading]

Morning Workouts & Road Trips


I don't like morning workouts. There. I said it. I much prefer to workout during lunch, or right after work. The problem is, work has been insanely busy which means no time for a break. And it's been so mentally exhausting, I haven't felt like going … [Continue reading]

What I [Threw in my Bag] Wednesday


I love giant bags. Regular laptop bags don't do it for me. I need a bag large enough for the contents of my life. So for What I Ate Wednesday, I'm going to admit that I cram a ridiculous amount of crap necessary items in my bag. What you'll … [Continue reading]