New Eats & Summer Finds


Sometimes it's embarrassing showing you my eats for the day. Mostly because I often find myself in a food rut, and I eat the same things over and over. Hey, go with what you like, right? But the past few days, I've really branched out, and tried … [Continue reading]

Spicy Peanut Tofu (+ A Giveaway)


I have a confession. I've been a vegetarian for about 7 years, and I've never prepared tofu. (There was that one time when Brett made me dinner, and I watched him cook tofu. Does that count?) I know, I'm a poor excuse for a vegetarian … [Continue reading]

Protein Powder Reviews


I don't use a lot of protein powder, but I do use it often. Almost every morning begins with a smoothie, including half a scoop of protein powder. That extra little kick of protein keeps me full in the morning. When I'm really in the mood for a … [Continue reading]

Summer Eats [On The Run]


I don't think I've been home for more than 15 minutes at a time, which isn't too unusual... but it means that I haven't had time to throw together much more than a quick bite. But it's summer, and that's a perfectly acceptable excuse, right? Right. … [Continue reading]

Finally Facebook-ing


Ok. I did it. I joined the world of Facebook. I mean I already had a Facebook. But now my blog has a page of it's very own! Be a friend, and give it a "like" :) Click here to go to the I Heart Vegetables Facebook page!   Then whip up a … [Continue reading]

Navigating the Grocery Store


Let's get back on track people. Seriously, let's do it. Ok, I can blame last week on my birthday. But this week, it's time to get back to basics. More vegetables, less junk. It's that simple. Or so it seems. Do you ever feel like you keep making … [Continue reading]

Falafel Cravings


Sometimes you just need something. In my case, it was falafel. So when Brian texted me asking if I wanted to grab dinner, the answer was (obviously) yes and since neither of us had been to Basili's and both wanted falafel... we set out for a Greek … [Continue reading]

Birthday Eats


Oh hey, so I'm 24 now. That's cool. Nothing significant happens when you turn 24. Not really. Thankfully, I had plenty of friends to make Tuesday a very significant day! Days like this make me realize (even more than I already know) how much I … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Cookie Cups


I have a super delicious new 3-ingredient recipe for you. I'm kind of excited. It's also one of the easiest ever, but it will impress your friends, I promise. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This weekend had so much adventure, I can hardly blog … [Continue reading]

RVA Restaurant Review: 2113


A couple of weeks ago, "Sampling Shockoe" was in full swing down in Shockoe bottom, which meant that a group of restaurants had a set 3-course menu for $30. The girls and I decided to try 2113 since none of us had been there before, and we'd heard a … [Continue reading]