[Vegetarian] Split Pea Soup


There were a few reasons why I had to make this soup. 1. Most versions I've seen have ham in them. 2. It's (eventually) going to get cold around here, and I need lots of soup options. 3. This soup is so easy to make, and I can almost … [Continue reading]

Food Journaling Part 4


I'm into the 4th week of the Get Well Challenge, and food journaling has started to become a habit. It helps that I have the Livestrong app on my phone so I can pretty much do it from anywhere. I've also been into a pretty decent routine lately, so … [Continue reading]

Apple Cranberry Quinoa Salad


I'm just not good with directions. I really don't know how this happened. This can be a bit of a disaster when I'm driving somewhere. I have a 2 U-turn minimum. It can be frustrating for those in the car. I've just come to accept it as a fact of … [Continue reading]

Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories


At the Get Well Challenge goal setting session, one of our trainers, Julie, talked to us about the importance of eating balanced snacks, to help keep our blood sugar levels stable. Instead of eating an apple and some grapes, she recommended we try … [Continue reading]

Food Journaling Part 3


Another week of food journaling, and I finally have a few new things to share. I made a conscious effort to break out of my routine a bit, so hopefully it'll keep things interesting. In case you're new to the blog I don't normally do a lot of … [Continue reading]

New Things: Running, Snacks, & Yoga


This weekend was full of some new-to-me things, and I've got a lot to report: Friday, I ran 9 miles, which was the farthest I'd ever run. I'm right on track for my half marathon training, so it was a great feeling to be able to do that! Does anyone … [Continue reading]

Lentil Stuffed Peppers


My food cravings are actually kind of annoying. I get super obsessed with something and I eat it every single day until I stop craving it. Remember kale? Yeah. I literally ate it every day for a month. Now I haven't touched it for over a week. … [Continue reading]

Healthy Eating in the Big City


Sticking to healthy on vacation isn't easy, and it's especially tricky when you're really trying to not be "that person" who won't do anything fun because they're "watching what they're eating". I'm not going to add up all the calories and stuff, … [Continue reading]

5 Tips for Healthy Traveling


The past few days have been a bit of a blur, as we've packed the days with activity here in the big apple. We've toured, tasted, traveled, and taken way too many pictures. I'm still trying to keep track of my daily eats as part of the Get Well … [Continue reading]

Single Serving Apple Crisp


Happy Friday! I'm sitting here at a hotel in New York City, so I can't stay long. I've got a whole city to explore! A few friends and I are spending a long weekend here, shopping, eating, exploring, and picture taking. It's definitely my type of … [Continue reading]