Frozen Food Favorites

frozen foods I like

There's nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes I have to rely on frozen food to get me by. Not only is it super convenient, it also tends to be cheaper, and it keeps for a lot longer. The issue is usually navigating through the … [Continue reading]

BodyMedia Armband Review

Happy Monday! I finally got around to recording my first vlog. Am I the only one that feels super awkward on video? I wanted to post a video review of the BodyMedia Link Armband, because it has some really great features, and I think it's an … [Continue reading]

Quick Bites: Protein Bar Reviews (Round 1)

kashi go lean bar

January has been a bit of a blur. I can't say I don't know where the time is going... I know exactly where it is. I've got 10 million activities going on. But that's how I like it, so I'm not complaining :) That said, it's a little tricky to stay … [Continue reading]

Eats of the Week

peanut butter shake

As I mentioned, I'm still trying to follow the Tone It Up meal plan, more or less, which basically means lots of protein and vegetables, and less starchy carbs and nighttime snacking. It sounds simple, because it is, and it's actually working pretty … [Continue reading]

Simple Chickpea Salad

simple chickpea salad

Last week, I wrote about finishing the 7 day slim down and I was really happy with the results! The Tone It Up plan has a slightly less intense longer term plan, so I've been trying to loosely follow that. It's a lot of the same principles (planned … [Continue reading]

Cooking Demo @ Kitchen Thyme

lentil burger

Kitchen Thyme and Relay Foods hosted a cooking demo for a group of Virginia Bloggers, and the menu was full of vegetarian food, so I was pretty excited! (Vegetarian food and blogger friends. What's not to love?) I learned a lot of handy tips such … [Continue reading]

7 Day Slim Down Recap

Tone it up protein pancake

I made it! The first 7 days of the Tone It Up meal plan were pretty intense, since I decided to do the 7 Day Slim Down to kick things off. While the diet was pretty strict, I can honestly say I didn't feel hungry, and I had plenty of energy. I did … [Continue reading]

Fermentation 101


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to take a fermentation class at Ellwood Thompson's, a local grocery store down the street, and learn all about the benefits and the process of fermentation. Who knew it had so many health benefits? Dawn … [Continue reading]

Sprouted Grains: Ezekiel Bread Review


Sprouted grains. Have you tried them? There are plenty of reasons why they're good for you (we'll get there) but I know the big thing is, do they taste good... Well the awesome folks at Food For Life offered to send me some Ezekiel bread to review, … [Continue reading]

First Eats of the New Year


Happy New Year! I rang in 2013 with lots of my favorite people, so it doesn't get better than that! I don't know how I got so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing friends, but I'm pretty thankful. I was hoping to start off the new year with … [Continue reading]