The Little Changes I [Should Be] Making


Changing your life is a scary thing. And it's hard. It takes a lot of work, replacing bad habits with good ones, pushing yourself every single day, avoiding temptation, and figuring out what your body needs. So let's just talk about little changes. … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [Again] Wednesday


I've really been trying to use up what I have in the fridge, before making trips to the grocery store, in order to keep my grocery budget at an almost-reasonable level. It means I've been eating tons of fruits and veggies, to make sure they don't go … [Continue reading]

Birthday Brunch & Burger Bach


Sunday was G-love's birthday, so we had a big brunch at my apartment to celebrate. I made a huge fruit salad, Galen made waffles, and we also had bacon, eggs, and mimosas. You know, typical brunch fare. Galen claims that the "just add water" … [Continue reading]

Salsa for #winners


Wednesday night was what you'd call... a salsa extravaganza. Eric and I decided to try to create a bunch of different salsa recipes, for no particular reason, other than it sounded like fun. We played with tomatillos, tomatoes, various peppers, … [Continue reading]

What I [am excited about] Wednesday


So far... this week has been pretty excellent! Monday, I got an e-mail back from FitFluential, and I'm officially a FitFluential Ambassador! I'm excited, because it's such an amazing community of bloggers! I also ran a new PR on the treadmill, did … [Continue reading]

Let’s Call it a Rest Weekend


I had good intentions. I packed my running shoes. I remembered a sports bra. But no running happened. None. Does walking to the ice cream place count? I wasn't actually surprised by my lack of exercise. Since my left leg had been bothering me a … [Continue reading]

Wine, Blogger-friends, & Healthy Shakes

german chocolate shake

Wednesday night, we had completely random twitter-planned happy hour, and Ipanema Cafe handled our blogger-flock quite well :) (Bonus points for them, since they tweeted back to us.) Clearly, if you're not following me on twitter, you should be. How … [Continue reading]

Healthy Mozzarella Sticks


Remember my grocery budget goal? Well I'm happy to say that I've been doing a much better job at working with what's already in my kitchen, and eating out less. (That said, I'm pretty sure the $$$ just floated over into my shopping budget... but I … [Continue reading]

Leftovers- Remixed


Despite my love of all-things-Mexcian (guacamole, tequila, and Eric), there were no crazy Cinco de Mayo celebrations over here. It was actually a relatively productive weekend, (and by productive, I mean I did a lot of shopping, and hanging out at … [Continue reading]

Worth a Dollar (or Two)


I'm kind of cheap. You could call it thrifty, you could call it budget conscious, but if you ask G-love, he'll just tell you I'm plain old cheap. (Mom, if you're reading this, I get it from you!) So when I bought my iphone, I didn't even look at the … [Continue reading]