Staying Warm & Tree Trimming


I love this time of year, when fall begins turning into winter. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, but any excuse to make hot chocolate is fine with me. I'm now the proud owner of my first (fake) Christmas tree: We decorated that bad boy on Monday … [Continue reading]

Wheat Berry Greek Salad


If you're like me, you might still be full from holiday festivities. I think my body was in shock for a few days from the amount of sugar I consumed. Hey, it happens. So you might be on the hunt for a lighter recipe. Something simple & healthy … [Continue reading]

Laid Back Friday


What a glorious day of eating, relaxing, and spending time with family! Me, my grandma, and my mom. Aw, three generations. Kate came home with me for Thanksgiving. A pretty freaking sweet +1, if I do say so myself. Awkward family photo? Sure. I'll … [Continue reading]

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cupcakes


I love baking. A night spent in the kitchen, particularly with friends, is a night well spent. Monday night, I went over to Conor's house, to bake a bunch of goodies for a bake sale at work, to benefit the Richmond Food Bank. Baking for a cause? … [Continue reading]

2 Years of Veggie Loving


It's fitting that my 2 year "anniversary" of staring this blog coincides with Thanksgiving. It sounds cheesy to say, but I'm truly thankful for this blog, and all that I've learned from it! It's given me the opportunity to meet some amazing, … [Continue reading]

CrossFitting In


I've been putting it off. But I finally gave CrossFit a try. It's so different from my normal workout style, I figured it would be a good way to push myself into something new! Now that I'm running a lot less, I'm looking for new classes to keep me … [Continue reading]

City Eats in RVA


Ok fine. I admit it. Sometimes I go an entire weekend without ever really cooking anything. Stop judging! It happens. When you're in walking distance of so many cute restaurants, it's hard not to bounce around from one place to the next. Since I had … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Weekend


I think it actually was the perfect weekend. I literally can't think of how to make it better. Let's take a look at Saturday: I woke up around 6am, to eat a quick smoothie before the race. For the record, a banana smoothie in a Dark Chocolate Peanut … [Continue reading]

Banana Bread [Protein] Pancakes


I had a post all planned for today. A nice update on the Get Well Challenge, the meeting with my dietician, picking up my race packet for the half marathon tomorrow... all those cool things. (Which, by the way, are all going quite well.) And … [Continue reading]

Cutting Down the Carbs


So I briefly mentioned it on this post, and there might have been some confusion. I am not trying anything "low carb" and I'm not trying to eat any less than I normally do. What I've noticed is that lately I've been hungry all the time, and I'm … [Continue reading]