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This weekend went by way too fast. Luckily we managed to get some stuff done, even though we were both still recovering from feeling a bit under the weather.

Christmas Tree

We unpacked a few more lingering boxes, got the Christmas tree set up, power washed the deck, painted the rest of the trim, and made 3 more trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot. (Actually not kidding.) Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we ate kale salad.

Salad Mix KitYou’ve known for awhile that I’m sort of obsessed with kale. My standard kale salad is simply massaged kale with some garlic tahini dressing or maybe a little lemon juice and olive oil. Add a little Parmesan, good to go. But to shake things up a bit I love adding cabbage, carrots, maybe some shredded Brussels sprouts… so good, right? The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is all the washing and chopping. So when Eat Smart sent me some of their new salad kits, I was so excited. I almost feel like bagged salad kits are cheating because they’re so easy, but luckily, there are no rules here, so it’s not cheating. And these bags aren’t just your standard iceberg, carrots, and more iceberg. These have the dressing, the toppings, and tons of veggies.

Eat Smart Sweet Kale SaladThe sweet kale salad that Alex and I had on Friday was awesome. It was packed with a bunch of super foods including kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, & cabbage. All my favorites for a crunchy salad! The Poppyseed dressing was sweet but not too sweet and the cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds gave it a nice little punch!

I first tried one of these salad kits on Wednesday and by Friday, I was already raving to my co-workers and my BFF. While I obviously love making my own salads, it’s nice to have an option for those times when I don’t feel like getting out the cutting board.

Eat Smart Kale SaladAlex ate his with a grilled cheese sandwich and I had mine with a handful of tortilla chips. Clean up was as simple as loading our dishes into the dishwasher! It left us a little more time to tackle some of the house projects on our list. (Who knew hanging curtains could take so long?) The house is coming together and I can’t wait to show you a few more pictures, soon! The master bedroom is almost finished and the sun room is finally getting organized.

Here are a few of my past kale salad recipes, in case I’ve got you craving this cruciferous green.

kale collage

What’s your favorite easy meal idea?