This garlicky cream cheese pasta is made with just a handful of ingredients but it’s rich and delicious! This easy recipe is made in just 15 minutes for an easy, tasty dinner in no time!

cream cheese pasta
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You know I love pasta, and this recipe is one of my new favorites because it’s ready in just 15 minutes — and it only requires a few fridge and pantry staples. The first time I tested this recipe, my husband gave it rave reviews so I knew I was on to something! I wanted to make a creamy pasta dish, but I wanted something that was foolproof. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for cream cheese pasta floating around the internet but many of them call for a large amount of cream cheese and I wanted something a little lighter. With high-quality Parmesan and plenty of garlic, I was able to get lots of flavor into this dish without needing much cream cheese. I think you’ll love this recipe!

To add more protein and fiber to the dish, I used Barilla’s high-protein pasta. It’s made with some legumes and lentils, but it still has enough gluten in there to create starchy pasta water. This was my number one choice of pasta to use for the recipe! I’ve tested it with penne and spaghetti and either one works.

cream cheese pasta ingredients


  • Pasta– It’s important to use a wheat based pasta as the starch from the pasta water helps create a creamy sauce. I’ve tested this with chickpea pasta but I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Cream cheese– This creates a rich and creamy sauce. You can use low-fat or Greek yogurt cream cheese.
  • Olive oil– A little high-quality olive oil helps create a rich sauce.
  • Garlic– This adds additional flavor to the simple sauce. I recommend fresh garlic, but pre-minced garlic can be used.
  • Parmesan– I highly recommend shredding your own Parmesan cheese as pre-shredded cheese contains anti-caking agents that prevent it from melting. If you can’t find real Parmesan, you can substitute it with Pecorino Romano.
  • Red pepper flakes– I love the spicy kick of red pepper flakes, but if you’re making this for little ones or anyone sensitive to spice you can skip them.

How to Make Cream Cheese Pasta