I’m going to save the topic of “being busy” for a different post and just start by saying that this week has been a little crazy. We got back from Minnesota late Sunday night and hit the ground running at work on Monday.

toast breakfast

We had hardly any groceries in the house so on Tuesday so my breakfast was plain toast and frozen pineapple. Not bad for freezer food! I actually really like toast with a little Kerrygold butter. It’s underrated. Or maybe I just love carbs.

Work has been really busy this week so the morning went by pretty fast which was nice. By the time lunch rolled around I was ready. Does anyone else count down the minutes until it’s lunch time?


Luckily I don’t need any groceries to have a good lunch because our work salad bar is delicious! They have so many fresh veggies. This hit the spot! I honestly never get bored of salads because there are so many different toppings.

RX bar

For a snack, I stocked my desk with these Rx bars that I got from Kaila! They’re really tasty and I love that they have a clean ingredients list. It’s nice knowing exactly what’s in there!

veggie burger and fries

I was a little late getting home so as soon as I got back from work and Alex arrived with the groceries from Relay, I popped a couple of veggie burgers and some Alexia crinkle cut fries in the oven. These fries were so good. There isn’t really anything healthy about them so I can’t really encourage you to stock your freezer full of them but if you’re looking for a nice crispy fry, these are honestly amazing.

tomato cucumber salad bowl

Of course, we had to have some sort of salad with it! I made this cucumber tomato salad which actually turned out really well! I’ll share the recipe soon because it’s easy, healthy, and tasty which is pretty much my favorite kind of recipe!

I went for an hour long walk with a friend last night and it was so hot. Even though we didn’t go until almost 8:00, this heat just wouldn’t let up. It’s getting me excited for fall! Once I got back and took a shower, I settled in with a little Boom Chicka Pop to end the night.


By the time I went to bed, I was pretty much exhausted!

What are your favorite quick and easy meals?


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