It goes without saying that 2020 has been a strange and challenging year. As an extrovert who became a mom right before the world shut down, I’m considering it an accomplishment that I haven’t completely lost my marbles. There have been a handful of apps and programs that have made it a little easier, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites!

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The Best Fitness Apps

Tone It Up Studio App

I’ve talked about this program for years! The Tone It Up Studio app and workout challenges have helped me maintain my workout routine this year. I’ve gotten in the habit of daily workouts before the kids wake up and it’s made a huge difference in my overall mood and stress levels! I’ve also been enjoying The Sculpt Society for dance workouts!

Tone it up workout

FitOn App

When I want to change up my workouts, I’ve really enjoyed the free videos on the FitOn app. (I still can’t believe the app is free.) They have a huge range of workouts so you can pick one based on time, intensity, and equipment.

Garmin Fitness Tracker

I’ve been a fan of fitness trackers for a long time and I love my Garmin. I set a goal to hit 15,000 steps a day and I can typically hit my goal thanks to my treadmill desk. As someone who is very goal oriented, this is a nice motivation.

garmin watch

The Best Social Apps

Marco Polo

If you haven’t downloaded Marco Polo, this is a great app for staying in touch with family and friends. You can record short videos and send them to friends or a group of friends. I have a chat with my high school friends and the ladies from my small group at church. It really helps me feel connected, even when we’re far apart!

Jackbox Games

I guess this technically isn’t an app, but it’s a pack of games that you can play in person or via Zoom. We’ve played a lot of these games with Alex’s family and it’s a nice way to keep our 9-year-old engaged on a phone call with faraway relatives.

Pokemon Go

I’ve mentioned this one before but this app has been the best way to get our 9-year-old out of the house. It’s totally free and you “catch” Pokemon on your phone while walking outside. We can put the baby in the stroller and get some exercise as a family!

me on my phone

The Best Mental Apps

Libby eBook App

I’ve been loving the Libby app for downloading ebooks from the library. Since we’re trying to avoid going indoors, my library trips are limited. Browsing on Libby makes it easy to borrow books from the library in a totally contactless way!

Screen Time Limits

Ok, this is kind of the opposite of an app, but setting screen time limits has been helpful for turning my brain off at night. At 8 pm, my phone locks all apps. Obviously, I can unlock them if I want to use them, but the extra step makes me think twice about mindlessly scrolling and typically results in an earlier bedtime.

Are there any apps or programs that have helped you this year? Leave a comment below with your suggestions!