Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

You all know I love hiding healthy ingredients in my recipes. So you can imagine how delighted I was when the theme for our cooking club this month was “healthy secret ingredients.” My friends and I get together once a month for some delicious food + girl time and the themes only add to the fun. (Last month was fondue!) The healthy ingredient had to be Greek yogurt, cauliflower, or avocado. I first attempted some Greek yogurt brownies but they tasted too healthy. (If dessert doesn’t taste like dessert, then what’s the point?) So I gave up on those and decided to try something with avocado. I wanted to keep things simple and these definitely fit the bill. These dark chocolate avocado truffles only take a few minutes to whip up and they’re gluten free and vegan. (Of course, you’ll have to make sure your dark chocolate chips are vegan, if that’s important to you!)

vegan and gluten free dark chocolate truffles

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Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles
Prep time
Total time
These vegan & gluten free dark chocolate truffles are so easy to make!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 10
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (or vegetable oil)
  • ½ large avocado (about ⅓ cup)
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  1. In a microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate chips and the coconut oil.
  2. Microwave for 1 minute at a time at ½ power, stirring occasionally until melted.
  3. Scoop the avocado out of the peel and into a food processor or blender.
  4. Blend until smooth.
  5. Add in the melted chocolate and sea salt and continue to blend until combined.
  6. Put it in the fridge for 2 hours or until firm.
  7. Once it's hardened a bit, roll into 1 inch balls.
  8. Roll the balls into cocoa powder until coated.
  9. Store in the fridge until ready to serve!

It’s almost crazy how easy these dark chocolate avocado truffles are! And a dessert recipe that only requires 5 ingredients? Yes please. This is a good one to make when you’re low on groceries or you have half an avocado lying around.
chocolate avocado truffles

I took these to cooking club and they got two thumbs up! Even Alex approved of these and trust me, he gave those Greek yogurt brownies a thumbs down.

Dark chocolate avocado truffles

Sorry for the teeth marks but come on. You have to see that fudgy center! Definitely pin these for the next time you have a little extra avocado to use up!

These dark chocolate avocado truffles are vegan and gluten free! They' melt in your mouth but they're loaded with healthy fats! This is a 5 ingredient dessert that you MUST try!Looking for more avocado dessert ideas?What's the secret to these healthy, whole wheat chocolate muffins? AVOCADO! The healthy fat makes these muffins irresistibly moist but still healthy enough for breakfast!

Try these vegan chocolate avocado muffins!

chocolate chip breakfast smoothie

Or whip up a chocolate avocado smoothie!

What’s your favorite way to use up an avocado?


  1. these look so good! definitely going to try making them.

  2. These sound so good and easy to make! I always have extra avocado around the house, so I need to try these!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. These look DIVINE! Can’t wait to try them!

  4. Veronica Lee Burns says:

    Do you use sweetened cocoa powder on the outside?

  5. There’s no such thing as spare avocados in this house! I might buy some specially though 🙂

  6. absolutely love the idea of mixing in avocado in this recipe..such a simple yet impactful dish this is! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ohh that’s probably so yummy with the avocados. Never thought of adding them to my truffles

  8. See chocolate is good for you. Anything paired with avocado is healthy…these look great!!

  9. This sounds so delicious! My favorite way to use up avocados is definitely making guacamole!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  10. How yummy do these look! I love that you’ve used avocado in them too.

  11. Yum! These DO look great!

  12. Yum, I am digging the fudgy-look I see here.
    How long do these last? I am always weary of using avocado because I scared they will become overripe.

  13. Now these are genius! Love that you used TJ’s cocoa powder and chocolate chunks! Represent 🙂

  14. I would have never thought to combine chocolate and avocado. These look so good!!


  15. YES x 100000000!!! I just made avocados with brownies and UGHHH SOOOO FRIGGING GOOD!! <3 Great minds! Avocado + Chocolate – POWER COUPLE!

  16. I love avocado truffles. I made them once and I couldn’t stop eating them:) Pinning!

  17. Hi Liz, these truffles are amazing. YOU are amazing for making them. Dark chocolate and avocado sounds so fabulous to me, what a great combo. The cocoa dusting looks irresistible, and that fudgy center. Don’t even get me started. 🙂

  18. WHAAAAAAAT!? Yes. Pinned. *dies*

  19. I just made these tonight and they are AMAZING!!!! The avocado adds an almost melon like flavor (strange I know but it’s true)! And with a cup of coffee, it’s just what the dr ordered! I can’t wait to have this as a “roll your own” dessert at a dinner party!

  20. Wow, I am so thankful God led me to this tonight. We have avocados that need to be used, and we already have guacamole made, so these would be AMAZING for our sweet tooth cravings here. 😀

  21. I ❤️ Dark Chocolate and I ❤️ Avocados! These are on my to-do list!

  22. It’s amazing how chocolate and avocado pair so well together. These look so delicious!

  23. YUMMMM! These sound amazing!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for crafts, recipes, and tips: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  24. Your Truffles will be a very special treat! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  25. I loved it! So delicious 😋 thank you!

  26. Sounds yummy! I’d love to try this. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Shared

  27. I have all these ingredients in my kit right now!
    Heading to make them as soon as I finish some work!

  28. Love these! I have a recipe using coconut cream that is super easy and fits the bill for dairy free, gluten free and doesn’t feel like there is any sacrifice of texture of flavor. Can’t wait to try the avocado!

  29. wow can’t believe how quick these are to make. Loving your healthy dessert recipes.

  30. I’ve never seen this combo! How wonderfully creative!


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