I mentioned on Monday some of the things we were up to this weekend but today we’re just focusing on the food. I thought I’d show you what I ate on Saturday since I was trying to keep things clean, lean, and green. If you’re trying to eat a little healthier, my hope is that this will inspire you with some new ideas!

First up was breakfast. I was out later than usual on Friday  night so I slept in a bit on Saturday. Once I got moving, I had a banana smoothie topped with chia seeds. I’ve been loving the addition of chia seeds because they help keep me full.

banana ice cream with chia seeds

After breakfast I hit up Flow Cycle with my sister in law and then we met the rest of the family for Noodles & company. I went with the Bankok Curry Buff Bowl. The buff bowls are basically the noodles bowls but with spinach instead of noodles. As much as I love noodles, I did enjoy the extra veggies in here!

I’m not normally much of a tofu person but this tofu turned out to be really good! It wasn’t too soggy or mushy. Tofu can be a little tricky to get right, so I was pleasantly surprised with this.

Since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, we went to dinner a bit earlier than normal. We headed to Kuba Kuba (my favorite!) around 5:00 and got the last table in the restaurant! I didn’t even have it look at the menu before ordering.

Kuba kuba

I literally always get the avocado salad with a cup of black bean soup. Every single time. It’s just so tasty! And look at the colors in that salad!

After dinner we went back to my brothers house and played lots of Drawful. It was a good way to distract myself so I ended up not snacking after dinner. It helped that we ate a lot of dinner… so I was stuffed!

Did you eat anything fun over the weekend?

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