If you love peanut butter and chocolate, you have to try these peanut flour cookies! They’re easy to make in one bowl with just 10 ingredients, and they’re completely plant-based!

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I love peanut butter, and lately, I’ve found myself reaching for peanut flour to add a little flavor to my smoothies and yogurt bowls. So then I started thinking, what else could I make with it? Turns out, it’s perfect for cookies! By replacing some of the flour with peanut flour, it adds a delicious peanut taste and it’s an easy way to add just a tiny bit more protein to my cookies!

If you’re looking for a cookie made with regular peanut butter, try these healthy peanut butter cookies!

Peanut Flour Cookies

What is peanut flour?

Peanut flour is made from peanuts with the oil pressed out, then ground into flour. PB2 started making it 2007 and since then, lots of other brands have popped up on the market! You can even find it at Trader Joe’s and Aldi! If you’re having trouble finding it on grocery store shelves, you can always get it on Amazon. Lately, I’ve been ordering the organic kind from PBfit. It does have a bit of added sugar, but it’s only a small amount.

How to Make Peanut Flour Cookies