Can I state the obvious for a second here? It’s hot. Like really hot. Like I didn’t know it was possible for places to be this hot/humid. But it is. So you have two options:

  1. Complain about the heat every 5 seconds
  2. Pour yourself a cool glass of something

Since I like to see the glass (literally) half full, I went with #2.

While my fro-yo addiction is still going strong, I occasionally satisfy my desire for some cold creamy deliciousness in a slightly cheaper and healthier way. After making an impulse vanilla-wafers purchase, I realized I should do something more than consume the whole box as I dipped them in dark chocolate dreams peanut butter (although that’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do, just so we’re clear on that). I also had some frozen strawberries I wanted to use up, so this was created in my kitchen:


Strawberry Shortcake Shake

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 3 packets stevia (or 6-8 drops of liquid stevia)
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • pinch xanthan gum (optional, but it makes it thicker!)
  • 4 vanilla wafers

Blend everything except the vanilla wafers in a blender until very smooth. Add in 3 of the vanilla wafers and pulse until combined, but you’ve still got some cookie chunks. Crumble the last wafer on top.

The whole shake has 290 calories and 27g of protein and 6g of fiber! For full nutritional info, click here!

If that doesn’t cool you off, then you’re crazy.

Despite the heat, I ventured out to the Food Truck Court at Hardywood Brewery with my friend Kate. I’d been to the Food Truck Court when it was at the VMFA  (you can read about it here) so I knew what to expect, but I’d never been to Hardywood, so I was excited to check the place out.

This place was so cool! Kate’s friend showed us around, and I couldn’t believe how huge the place was! Honestly, it deserves a post all it’s own, when I can spend more time tasting! Maybe I’ll stop in for one of the events, because the summer concert series sounds like so much fun! You can read the whole Hardywood Brewery story here!

Mr. Darcy seemed to enjoy the place, despite the heat, and Kate and I shared some chips & guacamole from the Habenero food truck.

We didn’t get to stay too long, because Lindsay and I were going to the driving range with the boys. Not because I’m a golfer (although this picture could prove that wrong) but because I love whacking golf balls. My dad says I have “good club speed” which is a nice way of saying “sometimes you swing so fast you miss the ball.” But that’s ok. The point is to have fun, and I always have fun!

Which do you prefer: salsa or guacamole?