Is anyone else counting down the hours to Thanksgiving dinner? I may not participate in the turkey-eating but I will definitely be eating all the other dishes and let’s be honest, the side dishes are the best part. Pass me the potatoes! I’m planning on making this wild rice & butternut squash dish! Pictures to come, of course.

But first, I’m sharing all my eats from Monday in honor of the What I Ate Wednesday party! Ready?

yogurt and granolaI made some grain-free granola on Sunday and used it to top my yogurt + strawberries. It was SO GOOD. Stay tuned for the recipe. I can’t wait to share it!

I had a pretty early breakfast so my stomach was growling around 11am. Even though lunch was around the corner, I tore into one of these 100 calorie packs of almonds.


These packs make you realize how tiny a serving of almonds really is! 😉 But luckily this kept me from being ravenous at lunch. (If I’m too hungry, then I usually go crazy at the salad bar and end up getting way too much food!)

cafeteria lunch

I grabbed a quick lunch with a friend while eating this salad. It was tons of veggies + beans with a heap of pico de gallo. And fried jalapenos because… they’re delicious.

I had some snacks packed for the afternoon but that salad kept me surprisingly full. I did a little shopping on my way home so by the time I walked in the door, I was thankful that dinner was ready in the crockpot.

crockpot lentil soup

I wasn’t in love with this lentil soup so I won’t share the recipe, but it did fill us up. I don’t cook lentils as often as I should. They’re so delicious and they’re packed with protein and fiber. (Plus, they’re cheap!)

After dinner, I played piano and enjoyed some peppermint tea. It’s the perfect winter activity. Later on, Alex and I watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock. Naturally, I had to have a little something sweet.

breyers ice creamWe had a little ice cream in the freezer leftover from this cookie dough ice cream pie, so I had a little cup. It was the perfect treat to end the day!

What’s your favorite late night sweet treat?