I’m on week two of the Tone It Up Bikini Series challenge so I thought I’d share my meals from Monday with you. The goal of the challenge is “lean, clean, and green” meaning lots of protein, whole foods, and veggies!

Thinking about trying the Tone It Up Meal Plan or Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down? Here's what a full day of eating looks like on the TIU Plan!
Breakfast was a cup of Chobani with a few walnuts on top.

I’d never tried the cherry Chobani flavor before but this one was really yummy! The walnuts were a nice crunch.

morning snack

For my morning snack I had a couple of clementines and a handful of cashews. It was a nice sweet and salty combination that kept me full until lunch! I munched on these while calling into meetings and answering emails. I had a lot to do so the morning flew by!

I grabbed lunch at Panera and decided to switch things up and try the Medeterianian Quinoa Salad with a cup of vegetable soup. It was my first time having the quinoa salad but it was delicious! I’d definitely recommend this. I’m glad restaurants are starting to offer more healthy, vegetarian restaurants. (I’m so tired of ordering salads without the chicken!)

I had more meetings in the afternoon (work, work, work, work…) so I had another snack while I finished a few things.


We picked up Honeycrisp apples at the store which are the best. I’m pretty sure they weigh as much as gold but they’re a nice treat!

My mom cooked dinner while I finished working so it was nice to wrap up and see dinner was already on the table! She knew I was trying to follow the Tone It Up nutrition plan so she made a really healthy and delicious dinner!

kale salad

This kale salad was amazing. I’ll have to share the recipe because it was so good. I’ll be making this at home!


We had it with this delicious pasta dish which was whole grain penne with tons of roasted vegetables in a “no-cream” primavera sauce. The seasoning was great and the vegetables were delicious. This would be a perfect dish to make if you’ve got lots of leftover vegetables in your fridge. We had ours with carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans.

After dinner, we relaxed around the house and I got my parents started on The Jinx. I’ve already seen it but it was so good that I needed them to watch it! It’s an addicting mini-series! We snacked on pistachios and fruit while we watched the first episode.

We snacked on pistachios and fruit while we watched the first episode.

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What are your favorite movie snacks?


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