I’m another year older today! Rather than doing a whole long look back at this year, I’ll just skim through the highlights so I can share some other things I’m loving lately! I’d say getting a second nephew, buying a house, and celebrating our first wedding anniversary are some of the highlights of being 26. I can’t wait to see what 27 has in store for me!

So here are some of the things that I’m currently loving:

ย me alexa and kelly

Did I mention that my very, very, good friend moved to Virginia Beach? Yes that’s a couple hours away from Richmond but it’s a whooooole lot closer than Ohio so I’ll take it. I got to meet up with Alexa, Aaron, & Kelly for dinner last night and it was awesome. It’s just like high school except that we’re old now. (What? Just kidding.)

social 52

Speaking of friends, I got to catch up with Lindsay before she moves back to Asheville for nursing school! I met Lindsay years ago on Twitter… and then we became friends… and then roommates. Isn’t it funny how the internet brings people together? I was glad to get drinks with her and Kate before she leaves Richmond! And since I’m keeping it real around here, I’ll show you the “mac n cheetos” I ate for dinner. YES. I ate cheetos. It’s not all kale salad and green smoothies over here. P.S. Richmonders, Social 52 has a pretty sweet happy hour. $3 glasses of wine! I’ll be heading back here again soon, I’m sure.

me and alex

Tonight, I’m asking Alex to take me to Kuba Kuba and then I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine with a few friends tonight. Life certainly doesn’t get better than that!

Do you have big plans this weekend?