I’ll skip the part where I talk about how I can’t believe an entire year of marriage has gone by, but seriously, where did the time go? It’s been such an incredible year and it was fun to take some time to ourselves over the weekend and celebrate. We headed to Virginia Beach and the Midwesterner in both of us can’t believe that an ocean is just a couple hours away. I mean, it’s an ocean.

We got an awesome AirB&B rental for the weekend which included bikes and beach chairs and all the things you need for a perfect beach weekend.

Add in a picnic basket and the Cupcakes & Cashmere at home book and you’ve for a relaxing day. Some call it a coffee table book… I call it the perfect beach read. I’ve never been one for fiction anyway.

On Saturday night, Alex made us reservations for a swanky place in town and it was fun to get dressed up for a night out.

I honestly didn’t take any food pictures all weekend which is pretty unusual for me but it was kind of fun leaving my camera behind and just snapping a few pictures with my iPhone. (And Alex was probably glad I didn’t haul my DSLR to a fancy restaurant.)

Obviously, I couldn’t resist a few beach handstands.

And yes, I have a FitBit tan line. But as long as I always wear it… no one will ever know!

So here’s to another epic year of marriage! Thank you, Alex, for making me a more confident and carefree person! You’re the most supportive husband in the world and you make every single day a fun event!me and alex at our wedding

Have you taken any vacations recently?