I’m in San Francisco this week for a conference so I thought I’d recap a few of my meals while traveling! To be honest, yesterday was a really weird day. My flights to San Francisco were super delayed on Monday so rather than getting in at 9pm (eastern time) I got in at 3am EST. It definitely made me feel a little out of whack so here’s what the day looked like:

 breakfast san francisc
I was starving when I woke up, since thanks to the time change, I hadn’t eaten in about 15 hours! I walked around the corner to a little cafe and had some yogurt with an everything bagel. Since I’m used to Greek yogurt, this stuff tasted really sweet (sort of like those parfait a at McDonald’s… you know what I’m talking about!) but it was good!

This kept me so full that I managed to pass on some of the snacks at the conference. Lunch ended up not being until 1:00 though so I was hungry by that time!

 lunch san francisco
Ok, I know the falafel looks… Kind of gross but it was actually pretty tasty! I was pleasantly surprised that almost everything they served for lunch was vegetarian! The little cup of Greek salad was awesome and I went back for a second one! The hummus and chips were alright but nothing special.

Once the sessions were over, I took a long walk around the city. I think my body was craving some sunshine!

I stopped by a pressed juicery stand and couldn’t wait to try one of their juices! I’m hoping these come to Virginia soon 🙂 I hadn’t been feeling very good but this definitely gave me an energy boost!

 indian food
Once I got back to the hotel, I ordered some Indian food. Truthfully, I didn’t have much of an appetite and it was the only thing that really sounded good. I got Aloo Ghobi with some and naan. It was actually pretty delicious! I ate this while answering some emails and soon afterwards, I went to bed! This whole time zone thing is definitely messing with me!

San Francisco is a pretty great city for vegetarians, that’s for sure. I’m headed home tomorrow but I’m hoping to find a few more yummy bites while I’m here! Also, the conference has been awesome. My day job is all about social media/content strategy so some of this stuff could even apply to blogging! Let me know if you’d like a more “technical” recap of the conference info.

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