Looking for a low sugar smoothie recipe? Try one of these delicious smoothies, no fruit required! From creamy pumpkin to rich chocolate, there’s a delicious smoothie recipe for every day of the week!

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How to Make a Smoothie without Fruit

If you’re used to fruit-based smoothies, these recipes might sound a little crazy! But there are tons of ways to make your smoothie sweet and delicious without adding fruit. Vegetables like sweet potatoes can add natural sweetness and avocado can make your smoothie extra creamy.

How to Make a Low Sugar Smoothie

Some of these smoothies are naturally lower in sugar. Some of them may suggest added sweeteners. If you want to keep the sugar content down, consider using stevia or another natural sweetener. I recommend tasting your smoothie first and then deciding how much sweetness to add. I really love NuNatural’s stevia drops because they blend seamlessly! I have both the vanilla and the plain.

How to Make a Super Thick Smoothie

If you want to turn your smoothie into a smoothie bowl that is thick enough to eat with a spoon, be sure to follow these tips if you want to make a super thick smoothie. And if you don’t have a fancy blender, check out my tips for getting the most out of your blender.

Ok, let’s dive into some delicious fruit-free smoothies!

Smoothies Without fruit