These cheesy white beans are simmered with garlic, tomatoes, oregano, and crushed red pepper flakes then topped with gooey mozzarella for a delicious, meatless main dish.

cheesy white beans
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I jokingly started calling this recipe “pizza beans” because the flavors remind me of a slice of pizza, especially with the gooey mozzarella on top. I think this could be a kid-friendly recipe since it has a lot of familiar flavors. This recipe is also a great way to turn a few pantry staples into a delicious, filling meal.

The Best Skillet for Cheesy White Beans

I recommend using a cast iron skillet for this recipe. If you want to achieve bubbly, brown mozzarella, you’ll need to put this under the broiler. Keep in mind that non-stick skillets (even oven-safe skillets) typically cannot be used under a broiler. Be sure to check if you have a broiler-safe pan before you begin. I used a cast iron skillet so I could easily move it from the stovetop to the broiler. Finishing this in the oven for a few minutes lets the cheese get perfectly melty.

If none of your pans can be used under the broiler, don’t fear! You can still enjoy this dish on the stovetop with creamy white beans and melty mozzarella. Simply cover the skillet with a lid and continue to cook over low on the stovetop to allow the mozzarella to melt for 2-3 minutes, then serve.

White Bean Varieties

There are a variety of white beans and many of them will work for this recipe. I used great northern beans but you can use navy beans, cannellini beans, or baby lima beans. I don’t recommend using large butter beans, which are a bit too firm and meaty for this recipe.

How to Make Cheesy White Beans