Jumping on the Coconut Butter Train

I’d never even heard of coconut butter until I started reading blogs. I tried making my own once, and it turned out pretty badly. Not sure what happened… but since then, it’s intimidated me.

However, when the awesome folks at Artisana offered to send me a variety of coconut (and other nut) butter samples, how could I say no?

I was so excited when I ripped open the box and found more than just coconut butter! Look at all these cute little sample packs! I’ve never had walnut butter or macadamia nut butter, so I can’t wait to try those!

Now, my past experience with nut butter is that you can crack open a jar, and just dip your spoon in for a luscious taste. So that’s what I did.

It wasn’t pleasant.

I’m not sure what I expected but I wasn’t exactly going in for a second taste. Maybe I expected it to be sweet? I’m not sure. I was a little disappointed. I let it sit in the cabinet for another day or two before trying out something new.

Finally, I decided I’d add in a tablespoon of the cacao bliss coconut butter to a green monster smoothie. I didn’t really expect to be able to taste it, since there is so much other stuff in those smoothies.

Hold up.

This stuff is ah-maze-ing in smoothies.

(Packed in my trusty reusable cup, of course.)

Coconut butter is what they use in those “Magic Shell” things of your childhood. It gets a little bit hard when it’s in something cold. It’s literally perfect for a shake or smoothie, because you get little bitty pieces of creaminess that melt in your mouth. It literally took my protein shake a whole new level.

I’ve since traded in my tablespoon of nut butter for a tablespoon of coconut butter. Can I get a cheer for the healthy fats?

It’s official- I love it. I wont’ be spreading it on crackers, or eating it out of the jar, because that’s just not what it’s for. However, adding some amazing creaminess in a smoothie? Yes.

Thank you Artisana for sending me all of these butters to try! I’m so excited to find new ways to use coconut butter!

Who has some ideas for coconut butter for me? Feel free to leave me a link in the comments!


  1. All of this sounds amazing! I loooove coconut (yay for healthy fats!) and have tried making my own coconut butter too but haven’t really succeeded. I definitely have to give this stuff a try!

  2. Yum I guess

  3. I’ve been wanting to try coconut butter and the other nut flavors for a while now. It doesn’t look like they sell them in the grocery store – unless you know otherwise?

  4. I’ve never tried coconut butter. I’d love to give it a try.

  5. I totally agree, it tastes amazing in smoothies!!! It’s also quite delicious melted in a baked sweet potato 🙂

  6. Interesting!!! I’d never have thought to put coconut butter in a smoothie

  7. I really want to try these products, I am dying to but they don’t sell them near me. Bummer

  8. I LOVE the cocoa bliss and could for sure eat it straight out of the jar 🙂 But not the coconut butter – the smoothie sounds like a good use for it!

  9. I love all artisana products! You should also try coconut butter on warm things like oatmeal or something like that because it gets melty and delicious!!

  10. It wasn’t good on it’s own?!?! I’m so curious as to what it tastes like… it’s one of the more expensive ones, so I’ve been holding back from trying it on my own.

    Maybe throw it in some cookies? Coconut and chocolate chips may be a good combo…

    • It’s kind of… weird on it’s own. Kind of like straight butter, with some coconut flavor. (That sounds dumb now that I typed it out, haha)

      I did try making some cookies with it, and I think I added too much… so they kind of spread out too thin. Definitely more experimenting needed!

  11. i really need to try coconut butter! i have some sitting in my cabinet so i should probably get on that… i heard it’s pretty good on some pancakes or oatmeal though 🙂

  12. I’m so glad I jumped on the coconut butter train but you are right. It is NOT happening straight out of the jar. It’s also good times as a frozen fudge/candy and for cooking.

  13. Hmm, I’ve never had coconut butter, although I love coconut oil. Not in smoothies though, for baking/pan-cooking. Smells so good. Anyway, I’m intrigued by walnut butter, can’t wait to hear more about your experimenting.

  14. Haha, I am laughing at the “it wasn’t pleasant” comment!! I love to add mine to smoothies as well. One fav of mine is to top my oatmeal with it, it does taste fine that way. Also melt a little and pour on top of banana soft serve, use the plain in cooking. I have used it to stir into thai dishes before when I was out of coconut oil.

  15. Baha, it wasn’t pleasant?! I remember the first time I tried making coconut butter and I think all I succeeded in doing was heating my mini food processor almost to the point of bursting into flames. I think you have to have the right type of coconut, a large amount and a bigger food processor. Now when I make it, I have no problem. Although I wouldn’t say I use it all that much. I put it on my oatmeal once in a while and it’s fantastic on a sweet potato, otherwise I could probably survive without it 😛

  16. coconut butter on oats, ice cream or sweet potatoes.
    or as a fudge frozen and mixed with bananas!

  17. I haven’t been able to find coconut butter in the UK, but there’s so many great things you can do with it! I hope you like the other nut butters – my favourite is hazelnut. Yum yum yum!

    • I had the same reaction with nutella that I did with coconut butter! At first, I didn’t really like it, but now that I’ve found some new ways to use it, I love it!

  18. Hmmm… I guess I never knew how to use it either, but that sounds like an awesome idea!

  19. I’ve been really curious about this lately too. I’ve never seen it in stores only on blogs.

  20. Yum, I haven’t tried coconut butter yet and am afraid I will like it TOO much! haha.

  21. I love coconut butter and actually could eat it right off the spoon haha! I haven’t tried it in smoothies yet! I have tried it in lots of baking, one recipe I posted today!

  22. Oh girl, that sounds amazing! I used to love that magic shell stuff when I was a kid, haha!

  23. Wow – great products to try!!
    I have shied away from coconut anything–I recently tried coconut milk but got really sick that day. It may have had a little too much fat for my stomach to handle.

  24. coconut butter on a baked sweet potato – do it!! 🙂

  25. love coconut butter!! it is great to make frostings with

  26. I am loving coconut & peanut butter together!

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  28. Desdemona says:

    Hi – I hope you see this comment even though I know this post is old! At first I had the same thoughts you did, “how is this stuff different from eating solid coconut oil?!” But then I microwaved it until it became soft and I could stir it up, and THEN and only then did I understand the hype about eating it right from the jar. When it’s cold and you first get it, it’s all separated! It needs to be warmed up and thoroughly mixed before being eaten straight. Hope this helps you.

    • Haha you are SO right!!! It’s funny, now that I’ve used it more I totally get it! And now I love it 🙂 thanks for the comment!!


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