I’ve been feeling sort of under the weather this week, but I haven’t been able to really determine what it is. Allergies? A summer cold? I’ve just felt really tired, groggy, and achy. I thought maybe I was just dehydrated so I’ve been drinking water like crazy but that didn’t help so on Tuesday I stayed home from work just to rest up a bit. I’m headed to Houston tomorrow so I wanted to give my body as much rest as possible before traveling! Anyways… so let’s not call this a “day in the life” post because if it was… my life would be pretty boring. Sick days are no fun! But I managed to snap some photos of what I ate… just in time for a little What I Ate Wednesday action!

what I ate wednesday

Thanks for hosting, Jenn & Laura

It started off with this creamy peach cobbler smoothie. I’ve made this recipe almost every day since Saturday. I’m obsessed. I can’t get enough.

peach smoothie

I sat on the couch working on my computer all morning, finishing up some work projects, until my stomach started rumbling around 11:00. I grabbed some blueberries from the fridge and snacked on those between projects.

blueberriesI had meetings on the phone until 1:00 and then I threw together a quick kale salad. I used one of these salad kits which I love. Such an easy way to make a healthy (and actually delicious) salad.

Eat Smart Kale Salad

I also had a mug of tea, hoping it would do something for my stuffy head. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. We lost power for a little while in the afternoon but thankfully it came back on after an hour or so. I munched on some Fit Popcorn in the afternoon. I’m even more of a snacker when I’m home!


Once Alex got home, I dug around in the freezer to find something for dinner. I felt like I didn’t have any energy so I was glad we had some tortellini I could throw on the stove for a meal. Sometimes, you gotta go with the easy stuff.


Maybe not the “healthiest” dinner but it certainly hit the spot. Does anyone else crave comfort food when you’re not feeling well? It seems like all I want is CARBS when I’m sick. (Ok fine, or when I’m not sick. Or all the time.)

I wanted a little something sweet after dinner so I had a little bit of Halo Top while I got some more work done.

halo top chocolate ice cream

I didn’t do any sort of workout and my FitBit numbers were looking pretty sad but I knew my body just needed to rest! I’m hoping to get back into a routine later this week.

What do you crave when you’re sick?

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