Alex and I went to Southern Ohio this past weekend for a family reunion. It was so much fun spending time with my parents plus my extended family! It was also a great excuse to test out my selfie stick for the first time. 

Maybe a little blurry but I’d call it a success.

Alex and I decided to keep up our little sugar free experiment through the weekend and I definitely learned a few things about traveling sugar free:

sugar free traveling

Nuts were my new best friend. We packed almonds, pistachios, cashews, and peanut butter with us and we ate these often. They’re portable, tasty, and actually kept us full. (They were also one of the few healthy snacks that didn’t require refrigeration.)

It’s easy to eat too much salt. Any snack that isn’t sweet is probably pretty salty. We ate a lot of popcorn. We also snacked on pretzels… which are basically empty carbs and probably not much better than sugar. Whoops! We did eat a few clementines and things like that, but we were trying to keep our fructose low so it meant we ate lots of salty snacks.

Eating out is impossible. Ok, not impossible. If we were in Brooklyn or San Fransisco, they’d probably have some paleo cafe with quinoa, kale, and no added sugar but when you’re in the middle of no where in Ohio, your options are limited. Sometimes pizza was our only vegetarian option and there was probably a bit of sugar in the dough and sauce but I wasn’t about to interrogate the server. We had to make some unintentional compromises but we avoided sugar when possible.

I turned down a lot of sugar. Cookies, cake, milkshakes, chocolate, crackers…. And I also realized that I don’t even care for things like french fries if I can’t have ketchup, so I ended up making healthier choices because of that, too. It made me realize how often we’re offered sugar!

I think we’re going to keep this sugar free experiment up a little longer but we’ve already learned a lot about sugar free grocery shopping and sugar free cooking!

Sugar or no sugar, this weekend was awesome! Not only did we have fun catching up with family, but one of my cousins had a surprise wedding! They set up a simple ceremony and my great uncle performed the wedding. It was awesome! Definitely a fun weekend! For more sugar free posts, check out these:

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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