This weekend was the start of a little “sugar detox” that Alex and I decided to do after watching Fed Up. (You can read all about the documentary Fed Up here.) So I thought I’d show you what we ate on Sunday, while we figured out the confusing world of sugar free food! The day wasn’t totally perfect, but we’re making progress!

Breakfast was whole grain toast with peanut butter. I bought Crazy Richard’s peanut butter which doesn’t have extra stuff in it. Just peanuts! The bread technically had a tiny bit of honey in it, (less than 1g of sugar per serving) so that was as close as we could find to sugar free bread! Plus, the bread is made locally and it’s hearty and delicious. We also had some fresh blueberries, which were a nice bit of sweetness.

june breakfast

For lunch, we had mashed chickpea sandwiches. It was chickpeas smashed with tzatziki and lemon juice, made into a quick sandwich with cucumbers! We ate quickly because we wanted to stain the deck before church.

chickpea salad sandwich

Speaking of the deck, here’s how it turned out! It was a lot of work but we’re pretty happy with the result!

We quickly got cleaned up and headed to church. After church, we went over to my brother’s house and had dinner with them. We ordered Carytown Burger’s and Fries, which wasn’t exactly healthy, so I had half a black bean burger with some salad. Ok, and maybe a few french fries 😉


Truthfully, that’s an old picture of Carytown Burgers & Fries, because I was too preoccupied with my adorable nephews to take a photo of the actual burger I ate.  The big difference? Not putting ketchup on my burger! I’m a ketchup fanatic so I’m learning to give that up! My salad was nothing fancy, but I had to get some greens in. It also kept me from eating all the french fries.

Overall, I think our day was a little carb heavy, but we’re still figuring out this whole sugar free thing! I ordered the I Quit Sugar cookbook so I’m looking forward to learning more about a sugar free diet and trying out some of those recipes!

Have you ever given up sugar?

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