I haven’t done a snapshot of daily eats here in awhile, and since What I Ate Wednesday typically takes over the food blog world on Wednesdays, I thought it was time for an update. My meals have been looking fairly typical, although I usually try to make my meals a little more veggie-heavy, since this time of year typically brings extra snack, drinks, and treats that I wouldn’t want to pass up. Rather than banning myself from the cookie jar, I’ve been filling up on fruits and vegetables, and indulging in cookies (or champagne) when the opportunity arises.

So here’s what meals are looking like, lately:


I usually start the day off with a bowl of Greek yogurt and frozen blueberries or blackberries. Frozen berries are so much cheaper this time of year, and I sort of like the way they make the yogurt super, super cold. I would normally add granola on top, but like I said, I’m saving extras for treats!

 orange cho


I haven’t been great at packing my lunch lately, but that’s been partly intentional. We have such a great salad bar at work that I usually get a big salad and either a cup of soup,  some fruit on the side, or soy crisps to munch on later. I always get kale if the cafeteria has it, and I usually top it with a grain of some sort to make it a little more filling. This was kale salad with barley.

kale salad


If I’m trying to go for a veggie-heavy dinner, then I’ll try something like spaghetti squash, or a vegetable based soup, but on Friday night I decided to get a little more creative. I had a really random craving for Indian food, and I decided I was time I start trying learning about those spices. I had to go to the store and load up my spice rack with things like garam masala, but it was totally worth it!

channa masala

Since I truly know nothing about Indian cooking, I followed a recipe for Channa Masala very closely. I tried not to improvise, since I knew it could get pretty spicy if I wasn’t careful! I used this recipe from Eat, Live, Run and it was absolutely delicious. Alex said it was the best Indian food he’d ever had, and I swear I could start eating it every week. We ate the chickpea dish with basmati rice and naan, so it ended up being a very filing meal. I’ll be adding this recipe to the usual rotation.


On a typical night I’d finish off dinner with a glass or red wine, but these days it seems like cookies are often involved as well. Like one of these peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies...

peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

I posted that recipe on Monday, if you want to make them!

What has been on your plate lately?

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