I love breakfast.

I think it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed. (Assuming coffee falls into the breakfast category.)

I’ve never understood people who don’t eat breakfast. How do you find motivation to throw off the covers in the morning? And how in the world do you make it all the way to lunch? These are just things I’ll never understand. Like people who don’t like peanut butter.

Back in college (you know, way back when…) I used to eat the exact same thing for breakfast every single morning. One Three bowls of Special K with Red Berries Cereal. Every day. I still think it’s delicious. The issue was, I was literally eating 3 servings, and I was still starving by lunch. As it turns out, a breakfast made up entirely of carbs doesn’t really keep you full.

Now I’ve gone through a few different breakfast phases. I’ve made more of an effort to start the day off with a little protein and fiber, to keep me satisfied unti lunch. So here’s a round up of my favorites:

Green Smoothies

Smoothie protein

This is my default breakfast. I have variations of this 90% of the time. I love it with cacao coconut butter, but since that’s a little pricy and I don’t always have it on hand, I sometimes just have it with a scoop of peanut butter on the side.

Yogurt Bowls

chobani and granola

No no. Not just a little container of some aspertame-laiden lame-o yogurt. Go for the good Greek stuff. Chobani is the obvious favorite. I a bowl of plain 0%, a little stevia, tons of blueberries, and a little granola for crunch = perfection. If you’re really trying to get extra protein, try adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder instead of stevia. It’s delicious and it packs in a crazy amount of protein!

Protein Pancakes

My breakfast on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan were often a protein pancake!

Craving some bread-like carbs in the morning? These banana bread protein pancakes are delicious but still loaded with protein so you’ll stay satisfied through lunch time. Finally, a protein pancake that doesn’t taste like rubber!

Mini Protein Donuts

protein donuts

Ok I don’t eat these for breakfast often, but for a weekend treat (or when people are over!) these are adorably delicious and only about 40 calories each!

With the exception of the donuts, all of these meals are things I often eat for dinner. What can I say? I love breakfast for dinner. Especially cornbread waffles. Although I can’t vouch for the nutritional value of those.

What do you eat for breakfast?

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