We spent the past weekend at the Heritage Harvest Festival which meant that our weekend was filled with lots of food and drinks. Once Sunday rolled around, I was ready to get back into some fruits and veggies. We rolled out of bed, I started a pot of coffee and skimmed through the paper until my appetite woke up. After a little coffee, (“little” coffee = 3 cups)  I made a big bowl of banana protein ice cream.

banana protein smoothie recipe

This was a handful of ice, a splash of almond milk, a frozen banana, a scoop of peanut flour, and a dash of stevia- blended up to creamy perfection and topped with Trader Joe’s peanut butter. I love how drippy their peanut butter is. This bowl seriously tastes like ice cream! I also had a few bites of potatoes, since Alex fried up some leftover red potatoes. They were salty and delicious but I forgot to snap a photo of those!

After a bit of cleaning, I headed to Gym Quest for gymnastics. I hadn’t been to their new building so I was excited to check it out! The new gym is gorgeous. Gymnastics is always a fun way to switch up my workout! The adult class is Sundays at noon so if you’re local and you want to join, let me know! I hit Whole Foods on my way home and grabbed a few things. (Well, a few things turned into a basket of things because obviously but I mostly stuck to my list.) I was starving by this point so I had some pretzels in the car.

high protein pretzels

Have you tried these high protein pretzels from Newman’s Own? They’re made with pea flour so they have more protein than regular pretzels, but they taste exactly the same. I love these!

zucchini noodles

Once I got home, I grabbed the lone zucchini from the crisper drawer and spiralized it. I’ve started to perfect my zucchini noodle technique so I feel like these just keep getting better and better. I topped mine with Rao’s tomato basil sauce which is seriously the best sauce in all the land. I could just eat it with a spoon.

Alex and I headed to church and once we got back I started brainstorming dinner ideas. I ended up basically putting all of my favorite ingredients into one dish and it turned out to be pretty delicious. I’ll share this flatbread recipe with you soon!

chickpea flatbread

As you can see, I haven’t completely killed my dill plant yet, so I was glad to have some fresh dill for this! I think I’m going to get a cilantro plant next. Then maybe basil? I’m trying to get myself in the habit of taking care of this dill plant first. One thing at a time. I’ve killed a lot of plants this year. Oops.

Alex and I took a long walk after dinner because it was beautiful out and once we got home I had these grapes for dessert.


I feel like people either love or hate frozen grapes. I’m obviously in the love camp. I swear they taste sweeter in the freezer or something. I think I could eat these all day.

Frozen grapes: delicious or gross?

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