Whether your workspace is in an office building or in the corner of your bedroom, there are a few things you can keep nearby that will help you hit those health goals! These are my essentials. They’re the things that help me stay fit, stay motivated, and stay healthy! I’ll share mine and then I want to hear yours!

where I work

1. A Pair of Comfy Shoes

I always have a pair of flats (and usually a pair of tennis shoes) at my desk. I know, that might sound a little bit weird but we have treadmill desks at work and I try to make sure I can always take advantage of them. Truthfully, I hardly ever wear heels so I can usually just walk in whatever I’m wearing for the day but if my shoes start to pinch or hurt, I just slip into my tennis shoes. Even if your office doesn’t have a treadmill desk, keeping a pair of comfy shoes nearby makes it easy to take a lunch time stroll. If you just can’t bear to wear tennis shoes with your outfit, find a pair of comfy flats to stash in your drawer!

2.  My favorite fruity tea

In the morning, I’m all about coffee. But in the afternoon, I try to cut back on caffeine, otherwise, I don’t sleep very well. Rather than tempt myself with soda or coffee, I sip on some caffeine free tea. I love Yogi teas and Lipton makes some fun new fruit flavors that are really good. I usually go for a blueberry or a passion tea if I’m looking for something sweet. If I’m looking for something more soothing, I’ll grab a lemon tea and add in a fresh lemon wedge.

orbit gum

3. Orbit Gum

My coworkers could tell you I always have a pack of Orbit on my desk. Sweet mint & peppermint are my favorites but recently I’ve been enjoying spearmint. They also have fruity flavors like Bubblemint and Strawberry. I always pop in a piece after lunch (especially after I’ve had my usual garlicky salad dressing!) so I don’t have to worry about scaring anyone off during a meeting. A nice minty piece of gum is the perfect way to signal to my brain “hey, lunch was good and now we’re done!” It’s also the perfect thing to chew on when I find myself craving something out of boredom or stress. If we’re being honest, I actually keep gum in my desk drawer, my purse, and my car. I hate being without it!

4. Raw Nuts

I know, I know, having a snack in your drawer is probably nothing new. But the trick is, I don’t keep a snack that I totally love/crave because otherwise, I end up eating it just because I’m bored. To me, raw almonds are perfect because they’re healthy, they’re tasty, but they’re not super sweet or super salty so I’m not tempted to eat handful after handful. But they give me a nice boost of protein and fiber and they can stop me from going to the vending machine. Before you get the idea that I’m some kind of health-angel, I do splurge. On Tuesday afternoons, we have a candy cart that comes around the floor and I’m never one to pass up gummy bears!

5. Water Bottle

I know, I know, cliche. If I know I’ll be on the go. I grab a bottle that I can throw in my purse. If I’m just going to be sitting at my desk, I try to have a cup with a straw. I don’t know why but I drink so much more water if I can just sip it out of a straw rather than having to unscrew a lid. I also love adding a little lemon in my water for flavor. (These are my other tricks for drinking more water.) If I don’t keep water near my, I could often go the whole day without drinking anything but coffee. Oops. Keeping it close by makes it easy!

Meet your health goals by keeping a few of these essentials at your desk!

What are your healthy essentials?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.