What I Ate Wednesday- Veggie Style

How is it only Wednesday? I feel like this week has already been packed with activity.

I managed to squeeze in getting new tires, taking my first (and potentially last) violin lesson, and $1 pizza night at Stuzzi… and that was just Monday night.

Yeah, I like to stay busy.

Anyways, it’s Wednesday! And not just any Wednesday… it’s a veggie-filled one! Fine, for me… every day is a veggie day. But some days… more than others. So a veggie packed What I Ate Wednesday isn’t too hard 😉 But still, I can’t pass up a good challenge!

So in honor of Love Your Veggies Month (Jenn, is that a real month?) I’ve pulled together a veggerific day of eats!


Greeeeeeeen smoothie! Just a simple: 1 banana, 1/2 cup soymilk, handful of ice, 2 handfuls of spinach, stevia and a little granola!


I actually packed my lunch, but I was swayed by the unpictured tomato soup from the cafeteria… so I had that + the salad below. I don’t know how I didn’t snap a picture of the soup, but it was good.

I know, I know, creamy dressing + croutons = bad salad maker, but shhh. The dressing is so creamy I only need a little and the croutons in our cafeteria are like the best ever. So just get off your salad high-horse and chill.

Afternoon snack:

I worked late last night, so around 6pm, I was glad I had one of these babies in my bag! Vitamuffin folks, the official review is coming on Friday!


Ok ok this isn’t what I had for dinner last night… it’s what I had for dinner Sunday night, but it was SO good! While I was at Brittany’s for a super bowl party, she made this delicious Eat Clean Vegetable Soup and it was fantastic. I’ve had it on my mind all week! I’m definitely going to have to make it for myself.

What veggie-packed recipes are you loving these days?


  1. I’ve been making lots of lentil curries with mushrooms, courgettes, and squash.

  2. Veggie explosion! Nice job on gettin in the greens 🙂
    I’ve been nutso for green monster smoothies lately…that counts as a veggies recipe…right? 😉

  3. Vegetables…um…yeah. I’ve been lacking on the veg front since going abroad. But this WIAW theme should hopefully be enough to kick me in the right direction.
    And your smoothie looks absolutely fabulous.

  4. Excellent eats! Happy WIAW 🙂

  5. gosh dang it I’ve still never had a vitatop!! I never see them…or maybe I just never look for them. I know if I fell in love with those babies my wallet would SURELY suffer!

  6. I’ve been loving green smoothies lately — especially with kale: they are just so good! I love how you top yours with oatmeal/granola. <3

  7. Great eats as usual! Love that you enjoy salads so often. I am a big salad eater. We usually have one to accompany our dinner most nights, especially in the summer when veggies are fresh and abundant!!

  8. Yumm yumm! looks amazing 🙂

  9. I love vegetable soups!! Looks like a delicious day of eats!

  10. That green smoothie & clean veggie soup look so tasty!! It really has been a busy week for it to be only Wednesday.

  11. Oh goodness veggie explosion going on over hurrrr 🙂 Love it! That soup looks delicious… chalk full of nutrients!

  12. I don’t care if it’s a real month or not, I’m loving it regardless 😀 And I have no salad high horse–HAND ME THE CROUTONS. Salty crunchy tasty goodness!

  13. Soooo many veggies in your life 🙂
    I just made kale chips (they should be done any minute…), and I’ve been making a lot of cauliflower rice and stir fries lately. Veggies make me happy!

  14. That is the prettiest green smoothie I have ever seen. No lie. I love veggie wraps w/ hummus!

  15. I can see how this WIAW challenge wouldn’t be too too hard for you 😉 I’d have to say I loved my super bowl snackage of hummus and veggies…back to the basics!

  16. My lunch was full of veggies. I had some leftover sweet potato with leftover roasted veggies topped with leftover grilled chicken, tortilla strips and cheese. Weird but so good.

  17. I couldn’t manage without vegetables! Seriously, I had to miss them and fruit out for two days before an op last year and it nearly killed me 🙂
    The soup looks great – and I wouldn’t have been able to resist those croutons either…!

  18. I used to be so good at getting my veggies in, but since my crazy school/work/teaching schedule started, I’ve been eating on the go! I started pre-cutting veggies (like peppers) on the weekend so they are pre-packaged and I can eat them with my cottage cheese!

  19. Super yummy eats! Especially love your green smoothie!

  20. i’m a ranch girl so…. bring on the creamy dressings! as long as there are veggies a plenty like we know you’re rocking — then its good to go! =) happy wiaw liz!

  21. Britt’s veg chili was SO goooood!!! I have this on my “to make” list too for sure 🙂

  22. Everything looks so good especially your breakfast drink!!

  23. I’m loving huge veggie curries, salads with hummus and stir fry’s right now…yum!

  24. yum, all of your food looks so good, especially that smoothie, I love how green it is!

  25. Yay to the green breakfast smoothie, I am currently addicted to freshly made green juices actually any freshly made juice!!!!!

  26. Soup & salad is the best sort of lunch! 🙂

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