I never really craved ginger. Honestly, when I see whole ginger at the grocery store, it kind of freaks me out. But recently, I’ve become a ginger-lover. (No, not that kind of ginger.)

How it began:

I think I can blame gingerade kombucha.

Warning: You’ll fall in love with this, and then your wallet will be empty even faster than the bottle of deliciousness. Please ignore the packaged-trans-fat-laiden-frosting to the right of the tea. It’s been in there for months, and it will never get used.

Then I stumbled across these:

Trader Joe’s Ginger Cats. They are ad.ict.ting. That’s why I bagged them up into single servings. Yes. I’m a crazy person, but sometimes that’s what it takes in order to prevent the “one-cookie-here-one-cookie-there” problem.

Then I sealed the deal with this:

Angela’s Gingerbread. So delicious. I ran into Eric’s roommate at the auto parts store, and he’s a vegan. For some reason, I felt the need to make some sort of vegan baked good for him. I think I just feel like vegans get negelcted when people offer around baked goods. So there you go. Sorry for the bad picture, but I didn’t have time to drag out my lightbox. #Fail

Normally I like to tweak recipes, but with Angela’s I don’t even mess with them! Eric, his roommate, and his friend all raved about this. Eric and I ate ours with TJ’s pumpkin ice cream and some pumpkin spice coffee. YUM.

What’s your favorite ginger-fied food?


  1. Oh yum! I’ve bookmarked the recipe…I’m planning what to make for Thanksgiving, and realizing that most of the recipes I’ve saved are desserts..hehehe, but they look so good! 🙂 I say skip the turkey and go right for the sweets! 🙂

  2. I got those cookies in a giveaway and YES they are so addicting!!! And the cats are cute too heehee 😉

  3. I love Anna’s Ginger Snaps….AND…there is this candied ginger that is available in the Korean store my mom shops in….mmmmmm good!

  4. Gingerbread for sure 😀

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE ginger…clearly since I just posted a pumpkin gingersnap muffin recipe today 🙂

  6. I’m not a huge fan of plain ole’ ginger flavor, but ginger cookies are soooo good. I like them with my decaf tea at night. Mmmm… relaxation + comfort + yumness

    I’ve also been wanting to make that cake for a while now. I hope to make it next weekend or a little closer to Christmas.

  7. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve been craving ginger. Normally, it’s not my favorite flavor, but I’ve been adding it to a lot of savory dishes, like stir fries and tofu marinades, and It’s been delicious!

  8. I seriously loveee ginger! Great recipe pretty lady 🙂 I seriously love those ginger cookies, but I have a hard time keeping them in my room… I can’t stop with those haha

  9. I like gingerbread cookies. Does that count? Haha 😉

  10. Usually I’m not a big Ginger fan, but a bit of Ginger flavor in a drink is mighty tasty. Oh so tasty 🙂

  11. I can’t find Kombucha at any stores near me. 🙁 Have you tried ginger chews? They are delicious.

  12. what kind of food blogger am i?! i have yet to try kombucha.

    the last type of ginger i had was pickled with brown rice sushi! (:

  13. I think the only ginger I really like is gingerbread cookies! I am not the biggest fan of fresh ginger in my food because to me, it tastes like dish soap!

  14. I just bought one of those freaky-looking gingers and have been using it on everything. Ginger balsamic beets. Ginger glazed carrots. Ginger beet crisp. Mmm ginger.
    Oh, and ginger chews are pretty much the best.

  15. I totally love gingerbread! I have the starbuck’s copycat recipe….stellar 🙂

  16. Shanna like Banana says:

    Oh I love the TJ’s ginger cat cookies. I also love a good gingersnap cookie. But in general I am notma huge ginger fan.

  17. I have been on a ginger kick with my alcohol choices (lol go figure) ever since tasting this ginger wine they had at the Carytown wine festival!

    I found some organic ginger syrup made by The Ginger People at World Market (for ohhhh like $4) and have been making simple martinis with it (vodka, club soda, ginger syrup) – *so good* ! 🙂

  18. I love my grandma’s ginger snap cookies 😀

  19. I COMPLETELY agree with you on Angela’s recipes…They are a sure thing, every time! I LOVE her!

    I love love love molasses cookies infused with freshly grated ginger!

    OH and every so often I enjoy an ice cold ginger ale soda!

  20. I’m not a huge ginger lover but when I’m sick, the only thing that will do is ginger ale so I am with you on that at least. Yum!

  21. I made gingerbread over the weekend and ate the whole pan! Sooooo delicious. I love those ginger cats but nothing beats the chocolate ones!

  22. I could help you make your own kombucha… It doesn’t have to be ginger. I make my own!!! But I am also ginger addicted. It started with some ginger tea I had been drinking like every evening.

  23. Haha, love the ginger-lover bit 😉
    I love ginger biscuits; fond memories of making gingerbread men with my mum when I was little but a loaf of ginger cake sounds out of this world – and spiced ice cream too?! Heaven….!

  24. Oooooh! That would have to be gingerbread men all the way for me! 🙂

  25. I neeed to try that Kombucha! Could get dangerous 😀 I love Buch already but this flavor looks yummmy. So does the cake! You are genius for putting those into single servings.

  26. Those cat cookies are ADDICTING! Loooove them with coffee.

  27. I love ginger so much that when I eat sushi, I really just view it as a vehicle to get the pickled stuff into my body.

    Sometimes I just eat that straight up.

    I’m working on a Ginger Cashew Butter right now….

    PS- Um, obviously we will be hanging out once I get to Virginia. The closest Trader Joe’s is in Richmond. 😉 [I mean, you’re pretty cool, too.]

  28. My grandma makes a killer gingerbread. Not the cookie but the actual bread. Im not a huge fan of ginger cookies since most of them are really hard, but if they are chewy Im all over them 🙂

  29. I am obsessed with ginger. Most everything savory I make gets some grated fresh ginger, and most everything sweet i make gets some powdered ginger. And oh, just plain crystallized ginger? Unbeatable. Ginger definitely deserves it’s own post! I tried Kombucha and didn’t love it, but if there’s a ginger option? Maybe I should give it a second chance…

  30. I love those cookies…the size, the texture, the taste. Good thing they come in a bucket (not)!

  31. I love ginger kombucha too. I also like ginger in my stir-fries and I like ginger tea. It’s really good for a sore throat or an upset stomach.

  32. This may not be normal, but I love ginger stirfry! I just cut up fresh ginger into it 🙂

  33. newmans has these dairyfree ginger oreo type things and they are ADDICTING 🙂

  34. yay for ginger. to be honest we are those girls who crave ginger. we just love it. and so great for digestion 🙂 that is one of our favorite kombucha flavors.

  35. I want to live closer to you so I can eat everything you make. YUM! Usually not a huge fan of ginger.. but it is almost the Holidays!

  36. So I definitely thought this post was going to be about red-heads when I saw the title at first. 😉 But gingerbread is pretty fabulous so it’s all good. 🙂

  37. ooh i love ginger too!

  38. I love a good ginger cookie (crisp or soft) as long as it has a nice spice to it! MMM! That gingerbread is something I must try!

  39. Ha ha! Love seeing your full day of eats. I can’t let myself buy those ginger cookies. Can’t stop at only a couple. 🙂

  40. I may or may not be eating ginger snaps right now.

  41. I’m totally obsessed with fresh ginger! I put huge hunks of it through my juicer with carrots or cucumbers, especially in the Winter, I can’t get enough! Love the name of your blog btw!


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