What [Protein] I Ate Wednesday

Not surprisingly, a lot of you had questions/comments about Arctic Zero.

Does it taste exactly like full-fat ice cream? No. But does it taste good? Yes. Think of it like a really really good frozen protein shake. If you’re the kind if person that likes PB2, then you’re probably the kind of person who would like Arctic Zero. If you think green smoothies and tofu noodles (not together) are gross… you might not like it. But if they sell it near you, I’d go try a pint!

Anyways, that’s part of what I’ve been eating these days! And since it’s What I Ate Wednesday, let me show you what else I’ve been muching on!!

On Sunday, two different people asked me the “Oh my gosh but how do you get protein??” question, which, as any vegetarian/vegan knows, is a silly question.

What does a protein filled day look like for me?


1 cup of soymilk, protein1 banana, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 tbsp PB2giant handful of spinach= 20g protein


Fiber One Honey Squares 1g protein (not much protein, but it has 10g of fiber!)


Smart Chili + fire roasted tomatoes- 19g of protein
I’m not normally a big fake-meat person, but I’ve really enjoyed Lightlife products!)


Soy crisps- 8g protein
I love these things. They’re like bbq chips… only full of protein!


1 cup greek yogurt,  1/4 cup granola, 1 cup blueberries = 21g of protein


 The aforementioned Arctic Zero… and I ate almost the whole pint… which means 10g of protein (but only ~100 calories!) I also munched on some carrots and hummus plus some almonds, but I was too lazy to take a picture 😉
Total for the day: 79g of protein. Not so bad, for a vegetarian, huh? 😉

What do you eat for protein? If you’re a veg, do you get that question a lot?

<3 Liz


  1. okay then i probs wudnt like artic zero! pb2 doesnt rly cut it for me!! i eatt NUTSS for proteinnn! and sun warrior sometimes

  2. I am not a veg, but I am trying to increase mah protein. Haha I really get most of it from my dairy and nut intake. I always snack on them and try to incorporate them into mah meals 🙂 That chili looks amazing 🙂

  3. I love this protein-eriffic WIAW! My favorite sources of protein are fish, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chicken, turkey, protein powders, and garbanzo beans 🙂

  4. I usually eat between 80-100 grams of protein. My favorite sources are peanut butter, protein powder, tuna, tofu, tempeh, yogurt, beans,

  5. I get that question too. My favorite sources are legumes, beans, rice protein powder and eggs.

    Then I flex my gigantic muscles and show them that I clearly get enough. Kidding! 🙂

  6. Haha, I hate when people ask me about proteins! Its my last worry! I probable should eat a little more of it, but I think I am fine! I eat plenty of nut (butters ;P), green veggies, and I try to eat more grains which is a pretty good protein sourse!
    Great post !
    Happy WIAW 🙂

  7. I get that question all the time! My fave protein sources have to be tofu, beans, hummus and protein powders like sun warrior and spirutein 🙂

  8. Wow, what a healthy day of eating. Good 4 You

  9. LOVE Arctic Zero. (Mostly love that I can eat the whole pint…although sometimes doing that makes my stomach hurt a bit. ;)) I have the Chocolate Mint Cookie in the freezer right now, and I actually really like the Vanilla Maple and the PB Chocolate one. I can’t remember trying the Cookies & Cream, so I’ll have to look for that one…I used to think it was “too expensive” but then I rationalized that going to get a thing of frozen yogurt costs just as much, if not more!

  10. I love the protein filled post! Everything looks great. I’ve never tried the arctic freeze but if I see it next time I’ll have to give it a try!

  11. I eat a lot of chicken, eggs, and cottage cheese for protein 🙂

  12. Girl I gotta disagree..I love PB2 and really was not fond of Arctic Zero…maybe I’ll try the chocoalte PB because that’s a winning combo, right?

  13. Ah I get this question ALL the time!! People just think I live on vegetables and fruit and I constantly find myself listing how much I can eat! My favorite proteins are Spiru-tein protein powders, beans, lentils, tofu, nuts and nut butters, seitan and bars 🙂

  14. Eee I hate the the protein question, and I get it all the time because I eat a vegetarian diet. My immediate family understands, but when we go to see aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. they all give me strange looks and can’t fathom how I’m still alive without eating meat. My family is Polish, though, so they’re pretty big on meat dishes and what not. I do get a lot of protein though, and I try to take in more now that I’m strength training. I love whey protein powders, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, tofu, nuts, and beans the best 🙂

  15. oh man- i’ve been getting the protein question my whole life! I eat a lot of wraps every day that are high in protein, but mostly get it from beans/ lentils, nuts, and soy products/ protein bars. I have tried Arctic Zero and really liked it- however I don’t really like real ice cream, and wasn’t expecting it to be ice cream. I blew it off the first times I saw it because of the price, but then i found a pint of pumpkin spice Arctic zero on sale at the co-op for under 2 dollars, and bought and loved it! Now I’m back to not affording it though, at least at the whole foods price for it!

  16. My fave protein choices are Greek yogurt, lean meat, seafood, tofu, nuts, and soy burger/chicken patties!

  17. Great post on your protein sources girl, and yes that is a very silly question!

  18. I love my protein powder, edamame, nuts, beans, grains, tofu, etc! I LOVE PROTEIN! 🙂

  19. I get that question a lot too! Story of my life. 🙂 That chili looks yummy/hearty!

  20. gosh that is like crazy hulk neon green girl! YUM!!!!

  21. So much great protein girl! Eggwhites, protein powder, protein bars, nuts, hemp seeds, and greek yogurt are my protein staples! Oh and protein peanut flour which is kinda like pb2 except 2 tbsp dry flour has 8 grams of protein!

  22. I’ve always wanted to try the artic zone dessert! It looks amazing!

  23. i get my protein from loads of veggies (pumpkin), loads of tofu (I eat them in dessert pudding form), fish/chicken if my mom cooks them and eggs when i’m baking!

  24. I eat a lot of things for protein – dark leafy greens, hemp seeds, vega, buckwheat…lots of good stuff and occasionally eggs and fish


  25. I’ve always wanted to try Arctic Zero! It always looks so good and I’m pretty sure I’d like it 😀

    I’m not quite veg (mostly pescetarian) so I get my protein from black beans, Greek yogurt, shrimp and fish, quinoa, protein powders and Gardein products. I’m not a huge fan of fake meat either but I love Gardein!

  26. I get asked that all the time! I get at least 70 grams of protein a day- and the more I eat, the higher that number can get. Greek yogurt is my favorite way to get protein!

  27. Love this response to that age-old protein question. I have to try those Soy Crispettes. BBQ chips are one of my sneaky bad foods that I indulge in once in a blue moon.

  28. The Artic Zero sounds really good. Do you get it at Whole Foods?
    I do get some of my protein from meats, but I also get lots from nuts, yogurt, beans, and veggies! If I’m preparing my own food, I don’t eat much meat.

  29. is artic zero protein rich? hmm, must try it then. I know its good, but its $$. I’ll have to give it a whirl. Thanks liz!

  30. I get that question all the time, I think I definitely get enough protein but I dont go out of my way to get it!

  31. I swear! It’s like people think the only way you can get protein in your diet is by animal products! Grrr!

    I have GOT to try that flavor of Arctic Zero! Whole Foods is out of it every time I go! 🙁

    Most of my protein comes from beans, cottage cheese, whey protein powder, and usually eggs (though I haven’t been craving them much lately)

    Love that green hue in your morning smoothie! It’s been too long since I’ve had a green monster!

  32. Everything looks so good! I’m vegetarian and am constantly getting asked how I get protein. Ezekiel bread, oats, greek yogurt, tvp, beans/rice, tofu.. believe me, I have no problem getting enough!

  33. Though I am not a vegetarian, I don’t eat a lot of meat…So I consume lots of eggs, quinoa, greek yogurt, beans, fortified cereals, milk, hummus and fish (to name a few)…I do get the protein question often and you are right, there is so many options out there that don’t involve meat!!

    I wish we had that ice cream! I’d be polishing off pints like nobodies business 😉

  34. That green stuff looks like Kermit barf.

    I’m an idiot.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  35. i can’t get enough of arctic zero when i have it! a pint doesn’t last in my freezer (:

  36. I think that other than meat, my main source of protein is beans! I love black beans. In Brazil, we eat rice&beans pretty much everyday, so it’s the perfect combo! Love the color of your smoothie, it’s so pretty!

    xoxo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

  37. I get this ALL the time but as I realized when I had to do a food log for nutrition- I actually get (way) more protein than I need! My problem actually lies in getting enough potassium, calcium and iron- mostly potassium! For sources of protein I have whole grains, all sorts of beans (my favorite are curry chick peas, spicy black beans, or red pea stew!), dairy/greek yogurt, nuts, tofu, and on occasion, textured vegetable protein. I’ve never had to resort to protein bars or powders! Whey just tastes strange to me- I guess it depends on the person! I tried a Naked juice with whey and it was just like… ok, that ruined my mango juice! hehe. It’s interesting to see your diet though, I am always looking for new ideas.

  38. I’m really trying to concentrate on my protein. As I’m transitioning to veganism, I am eating more soy yogurt and cheese replacements than ever before, which I’m okay with, but I’m trying to reduce soy in other departments to make up for it, so that means less tofu and fewer faux meats. I’m trying to incorporate more beans, lentils, hemp, nuts and seitan instead.

  39. i think i get a lot of protein a day! i eat greek yogurt, lots of pb, chicken, beans etc! even my wraps have 5 g of protein!

  40. I am incredibly jealous that you found Artic Zero… I want to try it so so badly but it’s simply not sold near me!
    I make a conscious effort to get enough protein in…otherwise I can feel my body fatigue and my workouts are a big ole fail!

  41. holy protein great job gil!! I should probably try and keep track of mine, but my eats are always combos of lots of different foods. I dont really want to take the time to calculate all that lol

  42. I eat chicken for protein. I’m not a big meat eater, just because I prefer white meat, not because I’m a vegetarian.

  43. Why, not bad at all!! That chili looks awesome, and I’ve already looked up where I can buy the Arctic Zero. I may not like it, but for 150 calories a pint (with protein)…it’s worth a shot!!:)

  44. I’m not a vegetarian so I get my protein from some animal sources, but also from plants + nuts + yogurt + eggs 🙂 sounds like you’re doing awesome 🙂 your days of eats looks delicious!!

  45. wooaah arctic zero sounds deliiiicious! I think all I look for in a dessert is something super cold, preferably frozen-like, with a sweet side. I don’t care for heavy, or hefty, or full-fat, or low-fat, I just want something frozen, man! Give me a frozen banana and a blender and I’m content.

    I LOVE how you added up all your protein today. It goes to show that us veggie-lovers don’t need meat at every meal in order for our protein to add up. I personally am a hard-core, maybe toooo hard-core, bean/tofu/tempeh/lentil fan. My life may or may not revolve around their existence…

    Happy almost weeeekend!

  46. The fruit bowl and the ice cream looks delicious! I’m not a vegetarian but I applaud you for keeping such good track of your protein! I honestly have no idea what my intake is like, maybe that is something that I should start doing.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment!


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