Last week was Manhattan, this week, it’s D.C.! I’m up in Northern Virginia for a couple of days for work, so it’s nothing major, but it does throw my food routine off a little bit. I’ve learned to be flexible!


I started the day off with some protein packed Chobani with blueberries and a bit of the Love Grown Granola, that I got from the Blogger’s Brunch on Sunday. Sooooo delicious! I think I could eat this combo at any time, any day, for any meal. Yes, it’s that good (and I am that boring).


By the time lunch rolled around, I was pretty hungry. Thankfully, there were some healthy options. I had some roasted vegetables, orzo pasta, and some greens with a raspberry vinegrette. (I also had half of an unpictured brownie…)

After lunch I also snagged an apple, which I munched on around 4pm.


We got out of the conference a bit early, so I had time to squeeze in a super quick workout. Maybe it was because I was pressed for time, and wanted to get a really efficient workout, but however it happened… I PRed a mile!

I know this isn’t fast compared to a lot of you, but as Meg said, it’s not about beating anyone but yourself!  I’ve never really run for time, so it was fun to actually see a mile go by so fast!


Ahh the awkward trying-to-take-a-picture-at-a-work-function situation. I actually totally forgot until after I had consumed some salad, broccoli, and spaghetti! We also had cheesecake for dessert, which was heavenly! I could only squeeze in a few bites, but it was excellent!

This definitely wasn’t a “normal” day of eating, but it was a fun Tuesday for sure! I’m learning to chill out about an “off” day. And besides, maybe it’s all that food that powered me through that mile so fast 😉

I hope you’re all having a fabulous week!

Do you freak out when your routine is thrown off, or have you learned to adapt?