I’m kind of cheap. You could call it thrifty, you could call it budget conscious, but if you ask G-love, he’ll just tell you I’m plain old cheap. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I get it from you!)

So when I bought my iphone, I didn’t even look at the paid apps. I figured there were plenty of free ones. So I pretty much refused to ever shell out .99 cents.

But over time, I realized that there were a few apps worth buying, and these are my favorites. If I’m willing to buy them… I think you’ll find them worthy of a buck or two as well.

Nike + GPS

Oh my gosh, if you don’t have this Nike + GPS, and you run at ALL ,you must download it. Don’t get this confused with the Nike + app that requrires the chip in a Nike shoe. This app works on it’s own. It tracks your distance, route, time, and allows your friends to “cheer you on” (through facebook, although you don’t have to post your runs if you don’t want to).

Livestrong/The Daily Plate

I used the SparkPeople tracker for awhile, but the Livestrong app is a little more convenient and tended to have a better database of food. If you want to track your calories, protein, fiber, anything, this tool is super simple to use. I use it every once in awhile to make sure I’m getting enough protein.

Camera Awesome

Honestly, there are tons of camera apps out there, and I’m not sure which one is my favorite, but I do think Camera Awesome is pretty cool. You can edit pictures right from your phone, apply filters, and take multiple photos really quickly. It has more features than I’ve ever played around with. If you use your iphone as your primary camera, you should consider this one!

All of those are a couple dollars, and I think they’re definitely worth it. (I mean, come on. You get could all three of those for like $6.)

Just this morning, I used my Nike + app for a run with Brittany! We ran a bit slower than normal, since we did the “Lululemon 5k” meet up yesterday. The super laid back 5K actually happens every Thursday night, apparently. (5K and Chardonnay which means it’s perfectly acceptable to stop by Cafe Caturra and grab a glass of vino after the run). Despite the crazy temperatures, we managed to crank out 3 miles with Lindsay and my friend Emily. My legs are definitely going to be sore, but I’m hopefully going to do another 3 miles tomorrow, to meet my goal of 15 miles this week!

What’s your favorite app (paid or free)?