Maybe it’s the sunshine…

But I’ve been in an [extra] happy mood this week. Maybe it’s because it started off with good wine and great friends?

We had an informal [VAis4bloggers] meet up at Secco Wine Bar in Carytown, so I enjoyed some wine with Stephanie, Gabby, Adrienne, Megan, Lauren, and Lindsey.

Secco has “flight night” on Monday nights, so I got three classes of (white) wine for $10. Not a bad deal. This might need to be a Monday night tradition…

Perfect start to the week. 

Anyways, my eats have been a little random, because I’ve been running from one activity to the next. But this is what I have been enjoying this week!


I’m still enjoy 0% chobani greek yogurt + blueberries in the morning, but yesterday, I also had a granny smith apple, with a side of PB2


It was my brother’s birthday on Monday, so he and I grabbed lunch together on Tuesday for a little celebration. Chipotle might not be glamourous but we both enjoyed our burrito bols. He got a veggie bol too, but his had cheese and sour cream. Blehhh.

So delicious. Burrito perfection.


Eric has me hooked on fried rice. I feel like I’m craving it all the time. So when he texted me asking if I wanted to come over for some veggie fried rice… of course I said yes.

I brought a super simple salad, with some Annie’s Green Goddess dressing. It was my first time trying this dressing and I actually didn’t love it… maybe it’ll grow on me? Not sure, but the fried rice was so freakin delicious. Eric, I could eat this every night. Mmk?

What are you loving this week?