How is it already Wednesday?! I feel like the days have been flying by. I’m surprised I actually remembered to snap a few photos of what I ate yesterday! Let’s just jump right into the food!

I woke up early yesterday to go on a run with my friend Carin so once I got home, I was starving.

banana smoothie

It wasn’t anything fancy, but this banana smoothie tasted refreshing after a run! I had it with a giant scoop of almond butter on the side. Maybe it’s weird, but I like having my nut butter on the side vs. inside the smoothie. Then I just scoop a little out with each bite. Does anyone else do this or am I a total weirdo?

Work has been really busy lately so the morning flew by. Once my stomach started growling, I went to the fridge to grab my lunch. I packed some of this vegetarian taco soup that I made earlier in the week.

extra soup photo

It didn’t look quite as beautiful in my Pyrex but you get the idea. I also had a little side salad with it.

The afternoon was filled with meetings but I packed an apple with me to snack on since I knew dinner would be a little later. I munched on this while I wrapped up work for the day.


After work, I went to the Flying Squirrels game with a few friends. Richmond has a AA baseball team and the games are pretty fun to watch. It was hot but we had a good time cheering on the squirrels! (And by cheering on the squirrels I mean we really only paid attention when a fly ball was coming our way.)

Once I got home, I had dinner with Alex. We stopped at Ellwood Thompsons and picked up a few things so I threw together a simple salad.


It wasn’t anything fancy but it was actually really satisfying. I also had a few bites of cheese and then had a little Halo Top while we watched an episode of Seinfeld.

birthday cake halo top

I love the Birthday Cake flavor but the new Wegmans grocery store has the mocha chip flavor which is pretty incredible, too. I need to restock my Halo Top inventory this week! (I’m kind of obsessed. You can read my whole Halo Top review here!)

Do you usually pack your lunch?

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