My iphone is constantly telling my I can’t take a picture, due to storage limits. That’s because I have thousands of pictures on my phone and I hate deleting them, even though I know they’re all synced to my iphoto library. Such trials and tribulations. Part of the reason it fills up is because I have multiple versions of every picture. Some cropped, some with filters, some with text. I can’t seem to leave them alone. But I think we can all agree that filters are magical and these programs can take a boring phone photo into something wonderful. Right?

photo editing apps

So here are my personal favorites, but I’d love to hear photo editing apps you’re using!

1. FaceTune

mobile photo editing apps

My photographer-best-friend told me about this one. If you want to perfect your selfie by touching up your skin or whitening your teeth (Yes, really) this one is for you. My personal favorite feature is the blur functionality, because you can create a really cool soft focus. The filters on here are pretty good as well.

2. Afterlight


This one great for resizing photos because it has a bunch of different templates for things like phone wallpaper and twitter sizing. You can even do circular photos that work on Instagram. It’s also a great one for filters and backgrounds.

3. A Beautiful Mess

mobile photo app

Created by these lovely bloggers, the app allows you to add filters, text, and doodles to your photos. That’s what I used for all of the images on this post. Their fonts are really fun and it also has a collage app built in, which is nice. This is my favorite for adding text.



Ok honestly, this would be my all time favorite for filters. The downside is, it takes a lot of storage space on your phone… something I’m clearly lacking. When I have space for it, this is the one I use. When I get a “not enough storage space available” I move on. If you do have the storage space though, the filters are fantastic.

5. Camera Awesome


My number one reason for using this app is the timer feature. You can set it for as many seconds as you need. This is hugely helpful when you’re trying to fit everyone in a photo and you need to hit the timer and run into the shot. I’m not a huge fan of the filters, but the timer is so worth it.

Here are some examples of photos with each photo editing app:


What are your favorite photo editing apps?